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  1. Aw....u deserved it...hv fun with the 10k mcoins :give_rose:
  2. Ah we got decent exposure :unknw: Still to think i spent over 5 hours drafting out our emblem :cray:
  3. Kat, ur emblem was really good. Congrats. :good:
  4. Bring em in one at a time. ;D Btw u try askin arsenz too. :good:
  5. Welcome to the newest member of our sacred circle...Ginlal :drinks:
  6. Thankfully it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. But that was the toughest paper so... :yahoo:
  7. If i get vestments ofc it goes to trisden :unknw: I'm happy with lvl 17 equips for iridi...except staff ofc ;D
  8. 1320 crit with genie staff ;D 660 normal ;D But hv stick of sd ready so expect it to rise dramatically whn i lvl up :rofl:
  9. Day of results ;D n my first honours paper :cray: Really wish the exams were over already :aggressive:
  10. Bb...will try my best....criticism sucks :cray:
  11. Nvr played a single arena or pvp :rofl: 24x7 quests reached lvl 17 from zero in 4 days ;D
  12. Good luck wit that :rofl: Exactly what i did with iridi ;D Till lvl 16 he was wearing lvl 9 hood n boots :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Oh hehe....still got a long way to go before u can use em :lol:
  14. I think mos had sumthn for ur mage ;D
  15. Yet another new member.....Mageztic!!! :drinks:
  16. Lmao ok adding him now ;D Dont forget to add him to the fb group too :good:
  17. Actually i just did :blush:Btw which char shud i use to represent him...mageztic or xtwistedx? :unknw:
  18. Welcome to our newest members....Ezriell and Fieryblade!!! :drinks:
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