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  1. Wow, I'm very impressed! It'd be awesome if these were implemented in the coming updates!
  2. Barkskin is a skill that's dependant on the amp level of the target. The higher your defence, the greater is its effect.
  3. I'm also concerned about the lack of a comprehensive guide for druids on the forum. Is anyone working on a druid guide? If not, I think I will make a complete guide soon. I've just been waiting for someone else to do it because I neither have the time nor the patience to make it. :blush:
  4. Every morning during quest reset I start questing either from Ghost Village or Ayvondil. By the time I've finished questing in all three islands it's already evening lol. Also spend a LOT of time chatting in guild, lurking in WC and TC, sometimes buying/selling items, checking market etc. ;D Then at night it's time for RG and/or boss hunts with guild. That's it! :blush: Also arena sometimes with guild mates or random. 8)
  5. Druid all the way!!! :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: I also have a BD at level 20 with level 15 arena swords that I haven't played in years now. My first char and I'd love to play him again someday. :'(
  6. Well I didn't take ss but I got a 4 stat non-magic ring from normal. One of my friends got a 3 stat ring and another got a 3 stat amulet. From hard, got armour with 3 stats--one magic and other heavy armour. Yet to get a 4 stat equip from hard. Also, someone should move this thread to the right section of the forum. :pleasantry:
  7. Some other points to remember... 1. SHAMAN--If the shaman has shield on, do NOT use Insect Swarm (bees) as it will substantially increase the damage reflected by the shield. Look for opportunities to use Forest Song when the shaman does not have heal on. Using bees right before the shaman casts Lightning Blast (blind) is another good way to negate/lessen the effect. 2. WARLOCK--Always remember avoiding a warlock's first circle means that you have already won half the match. Fear only has a FOUR yard range so make good use of roots and bees. Do NOT forget to heal yourself because the circle/fear combo lasts terribly long! If your hp goes down 50% or less, it is always wise to sleep the lock while you replenish your hp. Don't forget to use root right before the sleep ends. P.S. Important point to note when pvping against ANY class: If you have root at 5/5 and song at 4/4, you can Root>sleep>root without a second break in between. After the second root, there will be a second or two gap before you can cast Forest Song again. Also remember that Bees will negate sleep so make sure you don't cast bees if you plan on using Forest SOng.
  8. Hello! I'm guessing you are an old player returning to the game after a long hiatus. A few updates ago all magical attributes (moon, sun, dark, astral) were combined into a single attribute, "magic power". Both your magical damage and heal now depend upon it. Basically, the days of non-amping high healers are over! :D
  9. ^^ What poley said. You can either max Forest Song at level 22 or enhance Tornado by one point. I have Song at 4/4 but it is hard to notice much difference between 3/4 and 4/4. I haven't tried with Tornado so I can't vouch for it either.
  10. Hey, welcome to the forum and the game. You can Pm me "Trisden" in game if you need help with quests or killing bosses @ EU emerald. Have fun!
  11. Entangling Roots is a druid's only reliable stun/disable. It works great against all opponents melee or ranged. Warlock "Fear" and Necro "Nightmare" both have only 4 yards range, so Roots with its 5 yard range has an advantage. Root+bees works great against xbow wielding rangers too because of the speed reduction debuff of Insect Swarm.
  12. Entangling Roots works 100% against other players and mobs. Bosses have a chance to resist it. You can attack someone when they are rooted without breaking the effect. Forest Song is an expert skill you can learn at level 18 that has a chance to put several players/mobs to sleep around you AND the effect will be broken if you or someone else attacks the sleeping enemy. Roots, however, cannot be broken until it has lasted its entire duration. I would suggest you start putting skill points into Entangling Roots--it is useful both in pve and pvp.
  13. Personally I don't find that skill build that interesting or useful either. In any skill build I'd suggest maxing "Healing Dew" unless you have a really high amped staff to compensate. Shave some points off "Lightning Bolt" to level up "Entangling Roots" or "Insect Swarm". Again, I won't suggest putting any skill points in "Barkskin" unless you have high amped armour. My current skill build is as follows... Lightning Bolt --> 3/5 Healing Dew --> 5/5 Barkskin --> 1/5 Entangling Roots --> 5/5 Insect Swarm --> 1/5 Forest Song --> 4/4 Tornado --> 1/4
  14. Nobody wants 7x7. That's crazy. The issue is that the nerf is too much with very little to look forward to. I'm sure no druid in his right senses will level this "expert" skill now. Anyway this is an argument stretched far too long and thin. Time to drop it and move on.
  15. Not to mention the lag on slower devices! :D
  16. 3x3 is where all the action happens in EU.
  17. Against most melee classes I'd say druids are a formidable class because we have a lot of skills to kite with. However the drawbacks become evident when juxtaposed against other casters. Druids still lack that one skill to set us apart, like the shaman blind/shield, warlock circle, etc. None of the current skills are on that level yet. Tornado showed promise, but that was before devs nerfed it to almost unusable levels.
  18. I don't think farming mobs at your level is profitable at all. For now I'd suggest questing and saving the gold. There are easier and more profitable farming areas once you move on to the second island Irselnort and beyond. Good luck!
  19. This feature was introduced but devs were quick to remove it. There was no further info on why it was removed, as far as I'm aware of.
  20. How about switch druid Tornado for shaman Lightning Shield for balance?
  21. I'm sure the 1k+ damage by Tornado at 4/4 was a bug. The 7x7 area was no bug though. It got "fixed" in a second maintenance after the super damage bug got fixed in the first maintenance in greater part due to your whiny post in the support section. Keep complaining, perhaps they'll "fix" paladin banner and bd shield very soon if you keep at it!
  22. I get the feeling you play either a dk or a barb and an extremely dissatisfied one at that. That's no reason to go crying in every topic about how op sentinel skills are. I know you get satisfaction from the nerfing of priest and druid skills, as evidenced by your numerous posts. Anyway, since you don't bother to read any of the previous posts and keep making the same arguments, I find it impossible to make you see reason. I'm not claiming that druidic skills are all a bunch of bull, but your arguments make it seem like druids are an op class that can singlehandedly take out armies of Legion players. Yes, Forest Song is awesome but ONLY when it works and therefore is NOT a druid's most reliable skill. It is always a matter of luck and this skill has let me and I'm sure many other fellow druids, down when we needed it most. Tornado, on the other hand, was great but I have to agree its 7x7 casting area was a bit on the huge side. You argue that we can still push and pull enemies but do you realise now the effect only pushes or pulls the target(s) ONE yard? Yes, just one step! And stuns for 0.5-1.5 secs! One would expect to be atleast compensated with a slightly longer stun or at the very least increased damage.
  23. First of all, congratulations! You singlehandedly managed to get Tornado nerfed. Must I keep reminding you that Tornado's push/pull effect only does so for ONE yard? It's stun is negligible, trust me you won't even feel it. As for Forest Song it is awesome when it works but in every instance it is a gamble. Besides you can only cast it around yourself so it has very little advantage against ranged classes.
  24. Entangling Roots is the only skill by which druids can even hope to stand on an even footing with the other caster classes. It may be argued that Root is "OP" against melee classes but hey what ranged disable/stun isn't? Roots isn't even the most powerful ranged stun (blind, circle, nightmare). Roots isn't the be-all-end-all of ranged stuns but it may be a druid's only chance at survival. You should realise before making such a statement that a druid is nothing without Roots.
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