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  1. The fact that Terramate uses a +9 or 10 level 19 arena staff doesn't help your case either. ;D I should know, going arena and finding a noob pt really sucks the fun out of arena matches. :sorry:
  2. Okay, so the title says it all, but just in case you are still confused, I want to know how much gold it costs to amp the new level 19 arena staff, specifically. I want details for each amp level, like +1-2=X gold...+4-5= y gold...+9-10=z gold. Thank you in advance to anyone who can give me this valuable info!
  3. I wouldn't draw so many conclusions from the outcome of a single arena match. IF what you're saying is true and the druid really came "weaponless", I can only see one way this match "should" have gone. Anyway, for any substantial healing to be done without a weapon, the druid needs to have maxed the two healing spells. This means song and tornado are probably at level 1. So stuns are out of the picture. Obviously your dk screwed up big time. I'm assuming he went down first, so even if your rogue was detected early, he had ample time and opportunity to gouge the bd, unless you guys were actually letting him tank. With an incapacitated bd and a weaponless druid, it wouldn't have been too hard to actually "win". You guys screwed up, in short. A dk's 2 stuns+a barb's charge and a rogue's blitz attacks would have been sufficient to take care of the priest pronto. You know how much I heal without my staff? ~75 with healing Dew and at 500hp(like you claim), Yeah, so, go figure...
  4. Yes, I'd advise the GT set too if you wanna do purely pve. It has a set bonus that will give you a 239hp bonus and unlike the arena set, mana management is much more efficient with the GT set!
  5. Let me guess, the bd tanked all three of you?
  6. Very nice, devs! Thank you! Just in time too, if I may add hehe...
  7. You have a habit of oversimplifying everything, as I have observed from your numerous posts. Anyway, allow me to point it out to you that the mechanics of this skill are far more complex than simply "click for instant full hp", as you have summarily dismissed above. Anyway, I won't keep derailing this topic anymore. Post under the relevant topic in the Druid section if you want a reply from me. If not, that's alright with me, I hate long-winded, super-tedious arguments too.
  8. This skill is all about timing, especially at level 1 where mine will stay coz I'd lose my Forest Song otherwise. If you use it too early you'll probably heal really low; on the other hand, if you wait too long, it may very well become too late to use the skill altogether. To do maximum healing, you need your hp to be full and the target's hp to be as low as it is possible without being dead. This forces the druid to wait for that perfect moment to use this skill during which any number of things may happen in a quick paced arena match to either prevent the usage of the skill or even render the skill's effect "useless".
  9. Maybe he's a new member who made an account just to post this? :blush: :lol:
  10. I think it's only fair to draw comparisons between druids and shamans because they are each other's nemesis? I dunno though because I wouldn't wanna get into an argument with you. You sound too aggressive and too easy to take offence. Good bye. :nea:
  11. The simplest answer to this would be to max Entangling Roots and Healing Dew if you are into both pvp and pve, and to max Healing Dew and distribute the rest of your skill points among Barkskin, Insect Swarm or Lightning Bolt if you wanna go purely pve. :) In any case, maxing Healing Dew is a must. :good: Alternatively, you can try putting 2 skill points each into Lightning Bolt and Entangling Roots for a balanced built. If you wanna do purely arena/pvp though, I can only say: Max Entangling Roots and Healing Dew and you are set to go. :clapping:
  12. If you look at the two classes purely from the point of healing, I'd say pick druid without a second thought. Druids now have two healing spells and one of them can restore an ally's health from 1 to max in literally seconds. As for pvp, both classes have skills that set them apart. Priests are strong mostly in 2x2 and to an extent 3x3 arenas because of their burst heal, shield and single target mana and hp drain skills. Druids, on the other hand, are a beast in any scenario because of their many crowd control skills and extreme burst heals. Of the two, that is priest and druid, I'd strongly suggest druid, as it is a very versatile class and can handle both pvp and pve environments effortlessly. Of course, to each his own so someone else might like the kind of play the priest class offers but that's not for me so... ;D ;D Pick druid. You won't regret it. :spiteful:
  13. Every skill doesn't need to be "balanced" per se. We need some op skills too, provided there are certain limitations in place. "Balance" is hard to achieve, but we can always have skills that complement each other or are comparable in their power and/or limitations.
  14. It's true. This skill could just as well be useless in certain situations if your hp is low. It is possible to heal anywhere from 1 to 1k. Also, without a party member near you, this skill is a sitting duck. It's fine as it is. I won't be upgrading it either because I wouldn't want to sacrifice Forest Song.
  15. I don't have any definite answers but here is a simple checklist that you can cross-reference if you haven't yet found a solution to your problem. ::) 1. Considering you are level 20, I'd expect you have finished the Six Shadows quest. However, since you didn't mention it, in case you haven't completed this quest yet, you might wanna get to it pronto. But I am assuming you have done it already. :blush: 2. Simple things, I know, but just to be clear, have you completed the Astral Labyrinth intro quest and the one Norlant Swamps questline dealing with finding the elf queen (Vali-----) gem at Hydra? I don't know if these quests are linked because I did them way before BG tower was released, but you never know. ;D 3. If all else fails, check your quest list and scour your maps for any tiny, insignificant yellow quest you might have missed. I know this might not be of much help but someone more knowledgeable on the matter might just point out your solution anytime soon. :pleasantry:
  16. Oolala I think it's safe to say that this skill's animation tops every other skill animation in this game so far... :shok: :search: :rofl:
  17. I don't think there are any "cons" to this skill :shok: :shok: :shok:
  18. Oh my!!! :shok: :shok: :shok: Does the amount of heal actually increase with skill level?? I didn't dare waste my gift book because the skill description only said that the speed of healing increased... :sorry: But this is good news... :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  19. How on earth did i miss this??? :wacko: :aggressive: :'(
  20. Thank you for the long overdue arena belt, devs!! You guys were listening after all... EDIT: No belt!!! :bad:
  21. Can't use in random arena though, which is how I roll most often. As for 1vs1 pvp, most opponents see that as "cheating" so yeah...that's one skill into the bag in pvp cave. For boss hunts and dg though, it is AWESOME. A single druid can heal at snorlar now hehe. P.S. Sorry for the epic offtopic-ness! I'm over and out now...
  22. Critical 1216. But I got a new high of 628 recently haha. This skill does some unbelievable healing, especially in desperate situations. Also, my Secret Link is still at level 1, because the skill description says that leveling up the skill only increases the speed of healing.
  23. No one is saying that the skill be removed completely! Perhaps even let it be as it currently is for pve, but it most definitely needs to be restricted in arena. Perhaps a reverse version of the priest skill Elusive Threat. Works 100% in pve but has moderate limitations in pvp. I think everyone will be happy with this "compromise". :pleasantry:
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