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  1. Can't install the symbian .sisx file. Says "file corrupted". Thankfully I haven't deleted my old 2.10.2 file yet.
  2. nebullexus


    great idea. all my cc collected over the months is practically useless as of right now.
  3. Glad it's not just me. I can't play either with the update redirection bug.
  4. Why just EU? Give us an explanation at the very least!
  5. after dinalt u need 2 go to Zald below dinalt's citadel in that small camp. if u cant find Zald, ask someone for directions.
  6. On my Nokia phone, the game sounds disappear if I receive a call when the game is open. As far as I know, this is a bug with the symbian version because some of my friends are facing the same problem. Everytime this happens I have to restart the game to get back the sounds. Please fix this as it is a persistently annoying bug. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info, mate! So how do we get CC? Do we do quests, because I've not got any quest like that so far! And those Chainless League guys only sell level 15+! Am I stuck with a level 12 sword till then?
  8. Ok, so can someone please tell me how to upgrade my weapon (BladeDancer) after [Acute Broadsword] because that is the highest level one the shops are selling. Where do I buy more powerful weapons? Please help!
  9. That rush at RU-Topaz was hilarious to watch. 20 eager, frustrated players for ONE Brown Rat! :D
  10. Atleast there was that epic rush at RU-Topaz when it came online sometime back! :D
  11. Updated 2.0 from Nokia Store! Can't wait for the servers to come back up! :)
  12. Nokia Store's file size has jumped from 13.9mb to 14.4mb. Is this the update?
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