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  1. Ah yes, ty for the suggestion. :) Busy with exams but I'm getting there slowly... :(
  2. Thank u, guys!! :) I wanted ours to be simple and elegant, but most importantly original. I might not be the world's best artist but I hope the devs like it. :-D
  3. Aw...sure. Welcome to the guild!!! :) Btw we just partnered in arena i think... :[
  4. Yes, i'd agree it all started due to rogues' stealth. Elves gotta block those steps or rogues would be everywhere killing low level questers. Think about that.
  5. Aw...thank u!! Starting out new can be tough but we are hoping that in time our guild will rise up in the rankings. :)
  6. Guild Name : The League of Shadows aka LoS On Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/loswarspearonline ​ ​Server : EU - Emerald ​ ​Faction(s) : Firstborn, Chosen ​ ​~ooo0ooo~ ​ ​The League of Shadows or LoS is not a new guild per se, although its official founding date has been agreed upon by the founding members as 13th March, 2013. We started out as a group of friends IRL who started playing together over the past two years. We have always considered ourselves as a close-knit guild and it is only now that we can officially realise our unofficial dream. ​ ​We are now opening our doors for new recruits, so if you are interested and/or are looking for a fun and friendly guild to join (which I can assure you as guild master that this guild will be), please read on and post your request to join in a reply below. (More details on that at the bottom.) ​ ​So...let me start off with what the LoS is all about. We are an all-round guild of a friendly and fun-loving group of friends. Here, we help each other to the best of our abilities and put the interest of the guild above personal ambitions. Which is not to say that we condemn our members interests to become well-equiped/amplified and strong, but that we do not seek personal gains by jeopardising or neglecting the interests of our friends. Instead we help each other become strong, and in the process boost the strength and welfare of the guild. ​ ​We do not have any restrictions on a minimum level to join the LoS, but that does not mean that you join the guild for the sole purpose of getting help with levelling up and then ditch the people who helped you later. All are welcome regardless of faction (firstborn and chosen), class or level to request an invite. However, if you should join only for personal gains, please remember that you will be blacklisted from the guild and its members forever. ​ ​Since we do not yet know what facilities AIGrind is going to implement in the guilds, we have not yet come up with any concrete guild structure. However, here is a rough tentative draft of the guild ranking system. ​ ​1. OVERLORD -> Trisden - Druid - Level 20 ​ ​2. CHIEF KNIGHT OF THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS -> Healallelf - Druid - Level 20 ​ ​3. BLOOD KNIGHT ​ i) Deaddream - Ranger - Level 20 ​ ii) Ieatsouls - Bladedancer - Level 20 ​ iii) Arunofeol - Ranger - Level 20 iv) Doomhammer - Paladin - Level 19 ​ ​4. NEFARIOUS SHIELD-BEARER ​ i) Bladedancer -> Isacki - Level 18 ​ ii) Ranger -> Evilmind - Level 20 ​ iii) Druid -> Laboder - Level 18 ​ iv) Paladin -> Fordragon - Level 16 ​ v) Mage -> ​ vi) Priest -> Iridi - Level 17 ​ ​5. SOUL CATCHER ​ i) Deathfyre - Ranger - Level 15 ​ ​6. HOLLOW ​ ​7. HELL HOUND ​ ​8. DEMENTED WRAITH ​ ​9. TOMB LURKER i) Sheltonns - Ranger - Level 16 ii) Farix - Ranger - Level 14 iii) Minetour - Ranger - Level 16 iv) Aragornpop - Bladedancer - Level 17 v) Zinon - Ranger - Level 20 vi) Ezriell - Druid - Level 20 vii) Mageztic - Mage - Level 17 viii) Ginlal - Bladedancer - Level 20 ix) Fieryblade - Bladedancer - Level 14 ​ ​10. LOST SOUL (aka Recruit) i) Pornograph - Paladin - Level 20 ​ ​~ooo0ooo~ ​ ​*** We are also planning on unique costumes for each guild rank. Or atleast for the higher ranks. ​ ​*** Being a member of the LoS means that you are expected to treat each member with the respect they deserve, especially those ranked above you. ​ ​*** Please note that moving up in the ranks requires you to show dedication and sincerity. Promotion will be done solely at the discretion of the highest ranked members. ​ ​*** The positions for each class in the NEFARIOUS SHIELD-BEARER rank are contestable. However, each officer in this position is expected to have an under-study ready to replace him/her should they get promoted to BLOOD KNIGHT. ​ ​*** The guild emblem is still under development. If you do want to see what it might look like, we have a rough design sketch posted at the GUILD EMBLEM CONTEST thread on this forum. ​ ​*** The guild manifesto will be ammended and/or altered by the guild leaders when and if they see fit. ​ ​*** Please note that a whole lot of things will be coming soon to make this guild the best of what we the members can make it. Your suggestions are always welcome. ​ ​*** If you want to join us on this journey of "honour, loyalty, friendship, sacrifice" (which is our motto by the way), please do not hesitate to post a reply below detailing your character name preferably with any and all aliases connected with it, class, level and any other info you might want to share. Alternatively, you can contact ingame any of the existing members listed above. ​ ​*** We will add you to the recruits aka LOST SOUL rank immediately. ​ ​*** Please note that the LOST SOUL rank is a time-limit probation rank only. If your overall conduct is deemed fit by the guild leaders at the end of the time-limit (which could be as short as a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the cirumstances), you will be promoted to TOMB LURKER - which is the "real" first rank in the LoS. ​
  7. Guild Name : The League of Shadows (LoS) Guild emblem significance: The LoS coat of arms is based on our motto: "honour, loyalty, friendship, sacrifice". This is our deepest belief and the tie that binds every single member of our guild together. This is embodied under the blazing wings of the immortal bird, the phoenix, the flames from whose wings rise ever upwards and under which our guild has made its home. As the legend of the phoenix goes, as long as the LoS is under the protection of the blazing phoenix's wings, enemies can burn us to the ground but we will rise from the ashes stronger and more united than ever before.
  8. Lol I know my friends keep telling me I sell stuff to cheap... Some more recent sales... Abyss Zealots Stick - 80k Wild Girl Set - 33k Wild Boy Set - 35k and 33k Good Signet - 4k (I remember the days when I was so happy buying it for 30k each) Abyss Zealots Mace - trying to sell 10k but no buyers lol
  9. I don't know about others but here's how I sold quest rewards I got recently. Plate Gloves of Divine Defence - 80k Heaume(sp?) of Divine Defence - 85k Heroic Endurance boots n gloves - 40k each (25k once) Stick of Sudden Doom - 180k Also I bought signs 20k per set today. Some people sell it cheap, you just need to be patient and check trade chat.
  10. Yes, swamps...it's the hope that the next quest reward will be "it" keeps pushing everyone to this place. Two months without any good drops and just these past two days I got some really good drops including an sd weapon, selling which I made around 300k gold. Bought 110 signs to amp my druid's sd sceptre and barely managed to go from +7 to +8. Sigh...this is too much...only rich people can afford to spend so many signs to amp equips these days...:(
  11. Maintenance coz of missing extra bag quest. Servers went up just now and all quests in the game were gone. Maintenance again.
  12. So about guilds, is it coming in 3.4.4 or 3.5 update? Because it isn't mentioned under changelog for 3.4.4.
  13. Oh god, yes, please do add sms payment option for india... None of the other payment options work for me. I've got LOTS of items to amp and no mc. :'(
  14. Even avast says Warspear is malware...
  15. First time elves won maintenance rush war at Emerald lol...
  16. yes, except you can't go on hunts with friends, or even strangers for that matter because Irselnort is now questers haven. the main reason he's not playing is because the new island is devoid of team-play, which by the way i kinda miss too. it's every man for himself (or woman for herself:P).
  17. comprehensive compilation. hm...one more thing, genie of "life" fire?? is that a new boss? :D
  18. Yes, the problem with finding enough people is because you need to be lucky enough to get to Kotaravva first, and then hope you make it to Hydra before someone/something kills you or you just get bored running around. I don't think anyone has managed to kill Hydra in EU server after patch. Even with Ginis, we managed just 400k-500k before time ran out. :(
  19. two skilled warlocks are totally op. thank god atleast their barrier is visible lol
  20. true. but i think they only have physical defence because my druid does exactly double critical on rabbits et al.
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