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  1. I hope they introduce this feature in a coming update. Players will have more of a reason to log in, if just to see if they've got any new "mail".
  2. Okay so I think it would be awesome if we could send offine messages to people in our friend lists in the game. I'm sure many of us keep coming back to the game because of all the great friends we have made. Sometimes I log in just to see how my friends are doing and with players from many different timezones and with different work schedules, it can be hard to be online at the same time. It would be so great if we could just leave them a message so they can read it when they come online next. :friends: :drinks:
  3. There was a time when I had a running bout of luck at swamps getting 3 doom weps. Sadly that luck has run dry now. Haven't got anything interesting in over a month.:unknw:
  4. Oh yes collection quests.....i nvr do thm unless i'm quite close to levelling up...
  5. Lol.....fairytail guilds :lol: We start after my exams finish in a few days :drinks:
  6. Yeah mos is ryt.....i'm sick n tired of bein in pts whr evry1 speaks indo or sum othr language n not understandin a word :unknw: We shud mk english the only medium of communication in this guild :good:
  7. Fairytale? May i ask why n how? :blush:
  8. Oh...elf side tey toh LoS join kuribo toh? :blush:
  9. General Info: Added link to the new group for the guild on facebook. Members please follow the link and join. :friends:
  10. WOG charikina LoS join kuribi... :give_rose:
  11. I agree. Either add disable option or confirm purchase after clicking. Not very hard to implement. :unknw:
  12. This is as good as i can make it :unknw: Maybe u can try "enhancing" it...deadline's 3rd april so there's still time... :drinks:
  13. WOG charikina yate ahibole mon jailey eku sorom nathakikena kobi tey... :give_rose:
  14. Moi bhi itia hi janishe....10k mc toh pabole mon jai.... :blush:
  15. Like......[Composite Bow of Sudden Doom]?? I know what you're thinking... :blush:
  16. Sure. You can also try making one of your own if you've got any ideas. :good:
  17. Ah yes, we should - and we will. Except most of our guild leaders, including me, are having exams right now lol. It's all a bit of a rush at the moment but as soon as things get settled down, we'll be sure to get on the fun express!! :)
  18. Wow...very cool. You should add a description soon.
  19. Of course you are more than welcome to join our guild!! :) We will, however, need more details including what your present level is and what class you play.
  20. That should be the final version...for now... :D
  21. I hope there are bonus points for original hand-drawn ones than photoshopped renders... :[
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