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    Druid- Build

    Druids are one of the most versatile class in the game. Gears are, however, quite expensive, especially those with the cooldown stat. If you're mainly interested in PvE, try to get as much HP as you can because Secret Link, which is one of your best healing spells, relies primarily on how much HP you have. Use Star Wisdom hood and gloves + Forefather of the Dragons armour and boots for maximum efficiency. As for belt, try to get one with HP. With this set, you can comfortably soar past the 5k HP point, provided you enchant with fortitude runes wherever you can. As for PvP, use either the complete arena set or a mixture of equips with cooldown. Alternately, you can try the newly added resistance set that you can currently get from the Snow event dungeons, although this will greatly reduce your defence against other players. For a balanced skill setup, try 1 Lightning Bolt, 5 Healing Dew, 3 Barkskin, 5 Entangling Roots and 1 Insect Swarm. Expert skills can be mixed and matched as per your preference. ForPvE, Forest Song, Secret Link, Healing Barrier and Invigorating Stream. For PvP, take Power of Water compulsorily at level 1 to combo the stun with Lightning Bolt and for extra damage. Then fill out the remaining slots from Forest Song, Punitive Roots, Secret Link, Tornado or Healing Barrier.
  2. I like the idea of a shared storage that can be accessed by all the characters in the same account.
  3. Is there an issue with buying miracle coins through Google play? The money has already been deducted from my account but I haven't received my miracle coins yet. It's been 45 mins now. Should I send a ticket or wait a little longer?
  4. I am unable to buy mcoins through mol points recently. The option for mol point is there but when I click it I'm resented with a blank box. Please fix this issue ASAP.
  5. Archmage Baton +1 to +9 --> 36 sets, 25 sets failed to go +9 to +10
  6. We get some level 10 equips as rewards from quests but they are inferior to the level 9 drops we get from bosses
  7. Agree to everything except the limited number of deaths.
  8. my new highest heal was 1.6k so i guess that means i can probably crit 3.2k
  9. Okay, so, after much deliberation I finally decided to upgrade my Secret Link to 4/4 by killing off my Forest Song. As a result, I've come to learn the hard way that the amount of healing done does not increase at all from 1/4 to 4/4. Now' I know this must be confusing for some of you because the heal "tick" does increase from 600 to a whopping 1500! The catch, however, is that while there are 5 ticks at 1/4, there are only 2 ticks at 4/4. Which essentially means that at 1/4, your max heal is 600x5=3000; and at 4/4, 1500x2=3000!!! So, yeah, the only bonus to levelling this skill is that you get the heal in 3 ticks faster than at 1/4. Considering, though, that even at 1/4, the healing is done in practically 3 seconds means that the advantage at 4/4 is only so much as to amount to a second or half.
  10. Oh wow, such bold statements! I'd gladly trade song and tornado for lightning shield and totem...
  11. Never apologize for an opinion that differs from somebody else. Freedom of speech and expression. On that note, I still stand by my own.
  12. Yes, I do want more variety! This is actually one of my few secret begrudgings towards the devs. Not an overwhelming amount of equipment but not so underwhelming either, so much so that every other member of your class looks like clones of yourself.
  13. Taunt does need a major upgrade. I have an alternative suggestion for improving taunt: why not let it do what it's supposed to do...create aggro towards the user. The opponent that is taunted is forced to keep attacking the tank for the duration of the skill, which increases with skill level, AND cannot use any AoE or CC skill while under taunt. I don't play my bd anymore but aggro was a major area of disappointment back in those days.
  14. I don't care about the costume. Has anyone got screenshots of the level 20 amulet and rings that are also dropped by Spawn?
  15. Wow, nice!!! Anyway, thanks for providing the last nail on the coffin. 416g/amp...that's a lot...
  16. You do need 5000 reputation with the Maliat Elves to enter the Heroic level of the Rotting Garden dungeon. The locked portions of Ayvondil, however, are still out of bounds for all players until such time as the devs unlock new territories in a future update.
  17. Thanks for the reminder lol I bought 500 signs too but could amp only with 100 coz of a lack of gold and damage spheres. The staff is stuck at +6 sadly. Anyway, +6 to +7 currently costs 356g so I'm thinking I'll need to accumulate at the least 160k gold before attempting to amp again.
  18. GT stands for "Guiding Thread." It is a level 18 set of equipments that is dropped by several bosses inside the Astral Labyrinth, or by completing certain quests at Norlant Swamps.
  19. Just a simple, non-intrusive countdown under the mini-map would be nice.
  20. You guys could have seen when buying your mcoins that there was no 50% bonus for Google Play. Obviously it was negligence on the part of the devs for not mentioning this on the forum, but let's not go so far as to call it fraudulent.
  21. Thanks, Born, you understood me! I'm going to amp my staff soon and +4-5 costs 296 gold, so I fear the figure is gonna go way up in the higher amp levels! I want to know for STAFF, can anyone help me out? I need to prepare myself lol, atleast mentally...
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