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  1. ure a facebook game now z :facepalm: angry bird. better angry barb
  2. :facepalm: is karma a big deal? me and blackdead played with our smites before when we were stilll enemies smiting each other amost everyday . i have -18 and idgaf :rofl:
  3. omfg even in party chat. :facepalm:
  4. :blush: new look got bored of the nurse
  5. im recording this :dirol: pvp cave is in constant war now. why would we waste time standing there fighting noobs in an everyday war. id rather quest and play 5x5 arena with random mcs its more fun :lol: its good seeing MC/Forsaken united and having fun playing in arena 5x5
  6. :crazy: high amps and +9 doom bow? :bad:
  7. u know who owns callie? :lol: if u know callie as the seller before, then u should know its "he" not "she" :tease:
  8. 40mcoins atleast for 1 daily yea. fast level up. :spiteful:
  9. callie is a char for fun now and my cousin doesnt take playing her seriously like what other people expects. real owner isnt even playing it. :rofl:
  10. PrettyPinay

    dc bug

    byebye mercy rogue :tease:
  11. i decided to make a video of this bug coz i cant capture it on bug report screenshot. its been like this ever since swamp started. i never seen the rewards after i click "next"
  12. i think black jack is a trick from devs :shout: halloween trick or treat. temptresses drops same as aa before
  13. 3 chars too. but no luck :lol: i made a second necro to quest there, just finished chainless today, completing bg items and now only needs to level15 then its gonna be living on swamp :lol: ure copying my plans mercy :diablo:
  14. wow and dint even answer when i pm'ed.
  15. i have but i dont like them coz of the dark defense stat :nea:
  16. i wish this includes the well tried baton's look :bad: lol people in mc sapphire thought its already byebye halloween :lol:
  17. u both are :bad: bet u havent even seen that boss
  18. does it really need an army to kill a few mc? :facepalm: we held their bridge for 30mins :rofl: :rofl:
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