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  1. i just wanna ask if i get this kind of problem, what should the fix be? I tried reinstalling and reconnecting but i still get the same "Caching Error" problem. Help please, this is on the new 2.0.0 version client.
  2. stable naman mga network dito s pinas eh. Hopeful :unknw:
  3. Post for support. Please consider our request dear Admins. There are already a lot of Filipino warspear players. But the lack of SMS-Payment hinders us to fully enjoy the game because instead of having gold coins saved, we use gold to buy m.shop items from other players which sometimes are overpriced. It'll be a lot better if we can buy on our own via our own miracle coins. Another is, its pretty hard for us to get a bank card/credit card and even verify our paypal account coz of some banks' s.o.p. Please consider our request. Filipinoy love ur game. :)
  4. AGREE!! There are already a lot of players from the Philippines so please consider our request. Its hard to get credit cards or verified paypal accts here in our country so SMS- Payment for us Filipinos will be a lot helpful.
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