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  1. "

    Maybe low levels or having a quest for that boss increases

    rate? "

    Ive seen a lot of questers get drop. In fact, i myself got an 'acute gladius' when i killed granite for chainless( almost a year back). Some ppl think questers dont get drops but i feel they have a high chance of getting drops.

  2. he run from my weak barb


    lol there were 2 rogues inside waitin for me to go out.Hope u see my hp there. Its very easy to kill tat barb but i didnt want the rogue to stun me from behind.

    yeah rangers are op but 3v1 is bit too much  :lol:

  3. It has been stated that this is how it is. Also I would like to ask you, why do you complain about fighting a person 1 level higher than you but dont complain about fighting lvl 11-13. What is the difference and how is this fair for them? They waste tickets as well.


    there s a very big difference between lvl14 and lvl15. Majority of the lvl15s own bg armor, helm and arena weapons. Though its not tough to beat them, the lvl14s(with low amps) will b mentally disturbed seein ppl with better EQUIPS on the other end.

    And regarding lvl11 vs lvl14, its the lvl11 guy who has to complain cos the lvl14 guy wont really mind it.

  4. In usual figh with stronger mobs when i use dodge (3points) nothing happens except mob start dodging. Nothing happens because my dodge is 15% then. Ok but why mob start dodging my atacks? Mobs please stop dodging and let me deal you critical hit.


    ive seen tat happen
  5. ok .. :blush: i just wana add that while wolfsy has +10  gear he does not revive or over use potions like other "rich" players. he is a good player in arena and also a fair one with good brains. so i do not think he should be in that list since i feel it exhibits people who over spend on the game and who regardless of how rich they are, still cant use skills properly.


    just saying 8)


    very true. he isnt a potter or a reviver. He s strong (ofc :lol:) and quick. And most importantly, he s a RANGER  8)
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