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  1. Hello snorlax/Roland, my a/c was banned permanently for some reasons (Possibly sharing). All i want to know is whether il be able to recover this char name. It WAS a druid but now just a lvl2 ranger in that blocked account.


  2. Hello.

    We had to disable that option for a while due to bug.

    Sorry for inconvenience.


    Still can't link and type at the same time. Its been more than 4months. Pls give us option to use old keyboard :(
  3. the quests cant be that hard. they are designed for lv14-18

    a lot of us are already 20


    All i could understand from Unlive's comment is that the whole marsh is divided into 2 parts. The first part is the easier one with quests giving regular gears and the second part gives lab equips. The second part is far more tougher and needs luck. So the second part is designed for the higher lvls and as snorlax has been saying , its gonna be difficult. :)


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