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  1. Acute gladius frm gg (chainless) . Sold it fr 15k when it was worth 200k . Very next drop was high quality cloak (bg), sold to Wolfsy for 800k. :blush: All these happened 3.5-4yrs ago.
  2. Hello snorlax/Roland, my a/c was banned permanently for some reasons (Possibly sharing). All i want to know is whether il be able to recover this char name. It WAS a druid but now just a lvl2 ranger in that blocked account.
  3. Game is good as it is. Great job with the update. :)
  4. With decent mdef its around 250s frm a decent shaman. Still high imo. It reflects like 2-3 times at lvl3. Not really tat deadly when rangers can still kill them in 2hits, but i feel shamans dont 'deserve' tat skill. :snorlax:
  5. Only ranged class with physical dmg :) This update was supposed to benifit melee classes. After all rangers never needed so much magic defense. Its just a big bonus fighting warlocks everyday in arena :D
  6. Need more trade slot, game keyboard for android and Sms payment for Indian users.
  7. Did devs even read this? How many more tkts do i have to send?
  8. and then eu elves for the rescue xD
  9. So its a bug :facepalm: I thought it had something to do with my connection and crossbow speed.
  10. Still can't link and type at the same time. Its been more than 4months. Pls give us option to use old keyboard :(
  11. Android versions need a keyboard option. Many want game keyboard back. :)
  12. Its not a problem in EU cos u can find almost all quest items in market for around 400g. So yes 20mcoins sounds a bit high for these.
  13. All i could understand from Unlive's comment is that the whole marsh is divided into 2 parts. The first part is the easier one with quests giving regular gears and the second part gives lab equips. The second part is far more tougher and needs luck. So the second part is designed for the higher lvls and as snorlax has been saying , its gonna be difficult. :)
  14. all elves love sulla for some reason ;D
  15. Through facebook --> http://coins.wap.sh/
  16. wew....voting in progess :rofl:
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