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  1. I hav lost my shammy elmy id 8****7 reason being my phone was stolen from me while i was travelling . I could not come back for 3 months wen i came back i tried to log in using my user name [email protected] . :( i spent so much time on dat char. Dat account has 4 main chars elmyx priest elmy shammy in us, elmy shammy in eu, sylviax bd :( plz help me to get back. I d k why i hav been banned.i m too tired to make another char. If i dnt get da acc back i will hav to quit :( . Already i hav put over one year to make dat account
  2. ;D elmy n elmo dormant now :bomb:
  3. elmond

    xsayax remembed

    nvm mind the screen shot. Its cool. I just mis saya
  4. in ws nothg else to do :(
  5. i got bk my old forum acc. Wat game u playing pum
  6. yea ♥♥♥♥♥es m bk
  7. elmond

    "Hack" sities.

    this character(elmoking) is 2 level something.saw him at riff.i get mixed feeling flattered bcoz he uses my name .annoyed bcoz noob dares to use my name.
  8. elmond

    "Hack" sities.

    lol my frnds asked me weather i made elmo another.2ndly im nt elmo king 3rd i gonna kik who spamming me 4th i dont use amp :D
  9. sir i am frustrated by da game.even when two updates are made ,stil there had been no sms option.plz tel if there is realy going to be more option avaliable.if no ,plz tels us.then i quit forever.ty for al this .i better move to other mmorpg games where plea is heard.i hope some one makes a game better than ws.
  10. elmond

    who's dat ???

    i will like to know WHAT THE HELL IS THIS .yea kya ho raha hai bhai yea kya ho raha hai. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  11. the week came n went stil no sign of change. :unknw: :unknw: :wacko: :wacko: a wat r we suppose to do.wait til we grow merlin beard. :facepalm: a hmm game is becoming a pain.seriously .i got no words to describ wat i feel. Language seems to come to a fulstop when discribing da game. :wacko:
  12. :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: oops at da time i could nt open reply.never mind.10 mcoin a joke.sms payment alreadx costly.but if i hav to send sms for only 10 mcoins .the net cost triples for us. Ws team u kno dat even crystal cost minimum 19 mcoin. Wat da hel can i do wit 10 mc.and one more thing i aint got time to send 15 sms to get a decent mshop item.u guys are already loosing potential players.i think ws team is bringing doom to the game. Time to wake up . :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  13. new sms payment suprised me 10 mcoins for 0.07$ something.i dont get it ,to send the sms itself it costs 0.07$ .now wat comes at 10mcoins a repair scrol perhaps.crystals n runes are a dream now for indians.forget abt costumes.plz its a request to bring back sms payment to normal.but if dat cant be done at least make minimum option 100 mcoins .because due to current option indians hav to pay twice the normal sms price.guys u kno sms payment already burns a hole in the pocket.plz dont bleed us dats a request to warspear team.ty for ur kind support
  14. rogue new skil is way too cool.removal of it would be a shame :facepalm: .the problem is dat all elf clas landed wit shit skills.druid for example hav swarm.even though its level 3 it sucks.prob wit ranger trap is dat u hav to place it before hand.in most situations dats an impossible thing to do.mc soon learn to wait.another folly is dat even if enemy cant see the trap,he can actualy see the action of putting trap.now wit bd dat skil is basicaly useless.barb hav charge so u cant silence them. :P .talk abt balance to noobs. Look at shaman.he has skil suffice to subdue an entire party .wat a shame
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