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  1. I hav lost my shammy elmy id 8****7 reason being my phone was stolen from me while i was travelling . I could not come back for 3 months wen i came back i tried to log in using my user name [email protected] . :( i spent so much time on dat char. Dat account has 4 main chars elmyx priest elmy shammy in us, elmy shammy in eu, sylviax bd :( plz help me to get back. I d k why i hav been banned.i m too tired to make another char. If i dnt get da acc back i will hav to quit :( . Already i hav put over one year to make dat account
  2. ;D elmy n elmo dormant now :bomb:
  3. elmond

    xsayax remembed

    nvm mind the screen shot. Its cool. I just mis saya
  4. in ws nothg else to do :(
  5. i got bk my old forum acc. Wat game u playing pum
  6. yea ♥♥♥♥♥es m bk
  7. elmond

    "Hack" sities.

    this character(elmoking) is 2 level something.saw him at riff.i get mixed feeling flattered bcoz he uses my name .annoyed bcoz noob dares to use my name.
  8. elmond

    "Hack" sities.

    lol my frnds asked me weather i made elmo another.2ndly im nt elmo king 3rd i gonna kik who spamming me 4th i dont use amp :D
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