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  1. All my chars isn`t +10.... just a few + daria and aigrind doing whats neccesary. Probably have thousand of email and posts to answer for. You will just have to wait on your turn.
  2. And this guy has almost full set lvl 26 reward on his bd. if im correct, @Sai Chandra Myouren right? And i killed a barb with 4-5 hits with my priest. hitting around 550-600 on him with my 633 magic atm, pve lvl 26 ice staff. He had around 5-6k hp. Pve weps are atm stronger than arena with fero. And resil doesnt seem to work at all. Hes playing on Us-sapphire and im on Eu-emerald. My whole guild is complaining abt this, Magnacarta.
  3. The game has existed for almost 9 years, what do you expect after that long time? should have played in 2011 when it went worldwide. Best time to play was 2011-2013 for farming and stuff if you want to know.
  4. @Sai Chandra It`s a bug with the resilence/def or mdef, all dmg go right through the resil/def/mdef and hits straight on and dmg you alot more than it should + the chance of crit is also increased alot, so resilence is for sure bugged. Is probably already under review by Devs. Isn`t it right @Daria?
  5. @Jzargo cant see nothing wrong with my sentence (i`m swedish, so english is a second language for me)?!? please tell me so i can change and learn if so
  6. All u mentioned above was before this update, both you, me or aigrind doesn`t know what will happpend with this update. But the main reason was probably to let low level players/questers stay together and farm. While the high level do dgs and killing bosses. + who are saying you need to farm mobs? and is it the only way to get gold? answer is no
  7. Oh, i didn`t know abt this topic, been scrolling and translating the russian forum when they posting and so on....
  8. Games evolves + now you will have to interact with other players, befriend them and play together to gain the same as before. I say it is a big plus and probably the main idea from AIGRIND. Will be easier for low levels to find friends to play with. You can also make more chars and use them to craft materials while your main doing the gear crafts.
  9. Well like everyone has said since 2011, even i have been told it. Make a higher level char for farming it then
  10. @Daria It seems like resil, defence/mdef or the dmg/mdmg has some sort of problem ingame. Severall players have been talking abt it. We hit players and npc`s alot more than before the update. Hope you take a look into this
  11. Answers on your question, all items dropped from mobs who are not a quest item or achivement item is removed and replaced by coins. If you want a higher amount of gold dropped, you will need to inv others and farm them together, more players in pt and the coins increases. Coins will only drop if whole pt is within 5 lvls down and up from your level
  12. Still, costs 20$ on weekends or 30$ if u buy the coins a regular day to restore something. Guess they want it as a premium option for massive mcoin users.
  13. @Gladiator Would be way to early with t5 launch After summer maybe, but not earlier than that
  14. Sadly it costs 4k mcoins for each restore would be awesome if it were just 1k, but 4k lol
  15. Then what are you whining abt? You either choose buffed up arena gear and accecories or stay with just accecories for max dmg with 1h. I think it is well done by making the rewards that way.
  16. Well it is correct, so i guess if u want to keep using 1h axe/mace. You should go for rank 2-3 rewards. Otherwise use 2h weps wit % rewards.
  17. Mage will win for sure, that 12 sec cooldown willl be 7,2 sec with 40% cd
  18. It`s correct displayed. Using a 1h wep will lower the base dmg, so the % won`t affect and raise the dmg high. It`s basic math If you want higher dmg, use 2h wep with % rewards
  19. I guess they will have it at end of this Arena season, so in 12-13 days. @Turtle @Zurp If circle don`t work they just use stone body and fear after that lol, so they are nearly impossiblle to kill if they have high cd.
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