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  1. Is rogue`s skill poisonous blades in any way bugged? I experienced it doing double ticks. A druid with 4k hp can be killed with only poisonous blade skill.
  2. @Daria @Peter_Munk Playing games while working ehh?? FIRED!!!
  3. When did trap and cage work. Caster i understand they can reach us when we use those 2 skills, but barbs charge shouldn`t work, rogue`s elusive jump, mage`s time warp. Thought a trap would trap someone. Not let them reach us when affected by trap or cage...
  4. More stats in the game? Hell no, already got enough of skills, stats, chars, costumes, skins, pots/scrolls, relics and buffs in this game. More you add into this game, more you kill this game.
  5. Says it is overcrowded now after i got on one of my banks and then logged off to log my main.
  6. @Peter_Munk I`m trying to create one of the new classes on test server, but it won`t allow me to I`m being stopped when i press create after making the name, just keep loading. By any chance you know what the problem might be?
  7. And again they rush with these updates... This game survives without new characters. Try read the suggestions and what really needs to be fixed insteed of rushing for that money all the time
  8. It used to crit, but they changed it long time ago.
  9. Solo for a healer at bg heroic would cost em 2 stam and how often do you really get the chance to drop those costumes lately. Was way better drop chance 3-4 years ago.
  10. @Julie Lets call it insult chat, that is pretty much all it is used for nowadays
  11. @viliusjas If he will go f2p all the way, he should start out with a healer so he can start hunt. Would be way to hard for him to come anywhere without help or gold on a pala, bd, rogue, barb and mage. I would be suprised if he even would be helped at first island to start with. Best is to ask on forum from members who play that server.
  12. @Lady Livi @Vietnamese Lady Livi is playing Us-sapphire, that is why she tries to promote her own server hehe But yea, Us-sapphire and Eu-emerald is the servers you would be most interested with. Plenty of active people on both servers, just keep in mind it is a big difference with the time zones. So keep that in mind
  13. @Liidert You want to reach as high hp as possible for link to work well (http://www.ws-db.ru) might help you find the right gear. 5/5 heal and barkskin, either 3/5 root or bees then with experts it`s 3/4 link. The relics, you said you were using the druid mostly for pve stuff. I would try with getting Relic of unprecedented health and Great relic of refreshment, two main relics i always use on my healers. Great relic of curse removal is awesome to get those negative effects gone at tough bosses. After that you can go for relics that increase your def/mdef/mdmg if you think
  14. i like Spongebob squarepants
  15. It happens on rare occations when the amount of signs goes over 150 set. Happend me 5-8 times i think. But otherwise it usually takes between 50-100 setfor weps and 10-50 set for gear and accecories. Best amp i had was 37 signs for arena reward % amulet to get +10 The rewards have always been easier for me to amp than regular gear and craft.
  16. I used 3,3k+ on a lvl 21 arena axe, didnt go up to +10. So i stopped try amp it.
  17. Ok, farm for the time it takes you to make 15-50k gold. Buy signs, in Eu 12-13k is cheap for a set. Resell them, you can always find a buyer for 15-16k set or use market and put em 100g cheaper than the other sets in there(sometimes you can sell for 20k). After with the gold you earned back, you buy more and repeat, repeat, repeat. In a month if you do this daily. You should have 500k+ or more. So insteed of spending it directly, be smart and you won`t need to farm those gold coins and the question of yours, no it is not a bug. you probably killed the mob alone without pt, more ppl in pt=more
  18. I took lvl 20-28 becuse of rings, amu and cloak %. Even with lvl 20 rewards a lvl 28 can be op asf. And more than lvl 30 in this game would ruin it. Would take way to long for ppl to gather the reputation for dgs and the items would costs millions of gold to buy + amp. Have u taken into consideration that a guild or a big group can get together and demand. When they meet the guy who pay em the tiks to win and they lose, they loose and if the ``winner`` goes up against ``lose``+ random, the ``lose`` just afk to make ``winner`` win. Ppl will always find a way
  19. It wouldn't make sense to have 10 people rewarded now. devs could make the seasons shorter from 2 to 1 month maybe or 6 weeks. Again, gives more chances to more people, and less work. more people could be rewarded. top 3 as the current #1, #4 and 5 as the current #2 and 3, #6-10 as the current #4 and 5. I dunno abt the part with more winners, Wouldn`t be that rare then and if you combine that with shorter seasons. We would have around 108 completed sets of #1 reward and 72 completed #2 rewards yearly together through lvl 20-28 brackets. Save top 5 system,
  20. Seriously, she said that becuse this start to get out of controll. Make a topic at general section if you want to keep arguing with me or others.
  21. All i do is to answer their questions+ asking my own. All you seem to do is ranting on how bad the update and game is in a bad way, ask a question nicely and you might get a nice answer back
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