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  1. Nope, 60 or 70%, why wouldnt that work? speed alrdy at 70%
  2. Shouldnt it increase? now when players can reach 50% resil without a problem
  3. @[email protected]_Munk What will the max be for crit in %? i heard it caps at 50%, but now with priests being able to have gods help on for 24/7. They can reach 58,9% crit as max i believe. 43,9% from gear and 15% from the skill at 4/4. Will the crit cap be increased or will i waste skill points when trying lvl it?
  4. @Livi Join Eu-emerald, techno weps 10-100k, kronus parts 5-60k etc, Drops worth so little only a costume drop or event stuff(most of em worth around 200k-1mil, just few costumes worth 1-2,5 mil) would make some profit to buy gear or amp. Without coins, good luck
  5. @BennyBT That pile of wood is still a dam, just a small one Anyway nice photo
  6. I and a friend also had a hard time getting common essence/catalyst from gear/weapon. We get amplified and energy alot, but the common never shows up.
  7. Friday 7th july the war at Eu emerald glitched and the flags didnt spawn at caravan mc or elf after destroying the riff/legion flags. It was a 3 day buff, they usually consist of Hp, mana reg, resil, dmg and 10% extra ap buffs. We got response that the new flag placement on each factions first town on iselnort was intentionally placed, and the rest was a bug/glitch. Which could be avoided if you had tested it before a release. But is a 3 day buff worth just 3 set ticks and a ap pot as compensation in your minds? It is a new start on a new arena season and thousands of players looke
  8. @Ikafati 1h chars benefit from contender more than % rewards. Wouldn`t suprise me if a mix of contender and Greatness on ranger/hunter benefits them
  9. @Hansh Farm a decent amount of gold from bosses thru iselnort. Then start buy and resell items that are on discounts every day. Tickets, repairs, teleports, life scrolls, hp pots, signs, stams, upots, ap pots and sometimes runes and crystals. Buy em for a cheap price, then wait 1-5 days til the price gone up and sell em.
  10. @Ikafati Never did. @graybeardx Yea, a shaman/necro/priest/druid would help alot. Becuse you wouldnt need that much work to start solo bosses at iselnort for gold and then start build your way up.
  11. Yup, but as a completely new player. It will take you alot of time to get somewhere. I would say it would take you a year or two to gear up and amp a decent char for pvp and pve without coins. But can be done faster if you play 24//7 or find the right people.
  12. @Turtle Just the staff, becuse i couldn`t find the cloak. So gave up looking for it.
  13. So there is a cloak lol, tried find one for a long time, way back. Had all exept the cloak.
  14. The relic only increase the time of the skill. Doesn`t increase dmg/magic/def/mdef. So if the skills duration is 10 sec, with the relic it will be 14 sec.
  15. Lazylion


    @Jzargo Weird! I spammed alot on level 14 arena and 4 levels been the max. Never meet lvl 9 or lvl 19 players with my lvl 14. So i guess one of these are bugged
  16. Lazylion


    @Mercurry In 2x2 and 5x5 you can meet players 3 levels below or above your own level. Depends on your pts lowest or highest level player. In seals(3x3) it is 4 levels below or above your level.
  17. Lazylion

    trade chat bug

    @Pecleb Yup, your personal gear in your bag. When you link gear in trade chat you need to take the link straight from bag if you want the amp info with the link. You can`t use the same link again. So you have to go back in bag and link again. I just tested it on my pc, laptop and iphone. Works on all of em.
  18. Lazylion

    trade chat bug

    @Pecleb If you link someone`s else +10 item in chat it will show +0, only your own gear will show +10 for others in chats. Been like that forever
  19. @Turtle Ouch the serpent , once paid 12,6k coins for it
  20. @fuadya Not sure about the damage percentage of elusive. But if you have it 4/4 and the enemy moves the whole time during that the skill is activated, he will be dead or have less then 1k hp left. Just remember it only works if you get the target to walk while hes affected. I would recommend this skill maxed in a pvp setup only. Becuse it is useless in pve/hunt/dg.
  21. @fuadya 1. Elusive will work as usual. Same goes for armastice. 2. It lasts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 sec at the 5 different levels. 3. I don`t work on elusive.
  22. @Yaraldine If you don`t like the barb, make another character.
  23. @Lucas Baquero @Thalles Barcelos Or it`s you two who can`t make a decent build together with your skill setup. All classes receive some change at updates.
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