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  1. Alrdy written in aboves posts, just need em to see this
  2. @Omercix @Higgings @lallouss should be able to stack, since detect invisible pot from castle can be stacked with any pot ingame(mcoin pot, quest pot and chest pots).
  3. easier to just increase bag slots to 500.
  4. That called a lvl 2 Guild, 150 slots. Its the bag that need to be increased, by alot.
  5. EU mc side is more like 25-35 per coin. really fun as vava describe xd He used 140k coins to +9 a Dodge/resist set without full charm
  6. tickets, stams, repairs, teles, signs, def, dmg, hp pots, minions and more, but mostly tickets and stams+ alot of pots and scrolls. Mcoin user if you might understand then. And with gear + costume on all chars, i got like 150 out of 200 slot or less left on most of em in bag.
  7. I suggest to increase the bagspace one last time and this time to 300 slots. A lot of player using market slots to store items, becuse bagspace isnt enough on their chars. Im one of em. I got 11 difference chars with 200 slots each on em + market slots maxed at 15 on all of em and still im short of space. Would help alot since most times player deals with items in hugh numbers. Tickets, signs, repairs, tele, Life scroll etc. Since we arent allowed to use more than 2 accs. I guess it should be neccecary to increase it in near future. Sincerely a guy who run out of
  8. Always a perfect response from you higgs
  9. @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected] someone Selling a acc, what is accepted by Aigrind as ``Proof`` that will lead to a ban and not only a reply from support that i sent wasnt enough? I want full info about the subject if its possible.
  10. @[email protected][email protected]@[email protected] BREAKS OVER GUYS!!! The 3x Gp is bugged again, time to get to work and make us happy once again with the gifts
  11. yea, being sick on new years eve not one off em
  12. i will share with yall Funny, this is on my laptop
  13. Lazylion

    Chests Hween

    So you think he could get a ls rune from every 7,7 chest he opened? I feel it`s a lie, or a serious bug if it really happend. I played the game since 2011 and never seen such ``luck``.
  14. Lazylion

    Chests Hween

    Sup @[email protected], 7 set Life steal runes dropped in 54 set chest, possible or impossible?
  15. @[email protected] Last time i checked on test, they had only added old event costumes(werewolf, minotour, countness, shewolf* etc). You do have few new ones in ride store and chests, but thats it for now.
  16. Nice and really a professional guide. Might want to mention it`s only Mc sides quest storyline, or will you make one for elf in future? Otherwise 5/5 from me @Omercix You should come back when you on pc, its really Amazing.
  17. @Higgings I guess the part that with quest items would explain it. But the achivement says ANY chest, so why are they then still called chests in description? xd. Im sure noone cares, but it is still false information on either the achivement or description of the actuall ``chest``. @Raezer Reliquary counts and they are easy to farm in lab. @JcbreffThere is chests that count in achivement and aren`t in the mcoin shop.
  18. In the description of Borean`s sphere it says they are chests. But why don`t they count as chests for the achivements? In the achivement it says ``open ANY 1000 chests``. Please explain why you chose to call em chests in the description and why they still don`t count as chest in the achivement if it says ANY.
  19. No it doesnt. It is exactly the same as rangers. Only difference is that rogues build dodge sets. Dodge in gear and enchants.
  20. Will be posted by Daria when the actuall server is down for maintence/update
  21. Didnt we alrdy pass that inbalance alrdy? Think it started 2 years ago xd And if crit is raised, what class getting nerfed when they all get it?
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