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  1. I`m a collector, so yea i got all the rarest costumes and all and i use em often. Should i be punished for that? delete those i worked hard to get and i might never be able to drop or buy again becuse you cant give us more slots?. Are you trying to tell me to start deleting costumes i paid 50k up to 4mil each? and i guess you don`t have the same problem. I have like 12 leveled and amplified characters with full bags and market slots and still making these level 2 characters for bag space. Cant be hard to put 100 more slots for bags lmao. Noone loses on it........
  2. BUMP!!! Please consider to increase the damn bag slots. I can`t do anything in my main characters bag nowadays and i`m dead serious. I have around 110 costumes, 40 items of gear and weapons on top of that and personal gift items that has taken up all the other slots. I have other characters who also are full, but it`s my main char that i`m on 90% of the time i`m playing this game the past 7,5-8 years and i can`t even go dungeon or hunt without running back and fourth between dungeon and market/wharehouse to deposit and transfer items out of my bag. BIGGEST PROBLEM WE HAVE INGAME, a
  3. This is EU server 3 times a day lol, either phalanx finish it before anyone else even enter or berserk does it when we busy or not enough ppl and take second kill. Always below 2min 95% of the times.
  4. @Reivenorik Hi, when can we expect the the old meny to be back. I mean have chat where its been for the past years again. The new event meny could be on society where u put the chat, becuse noone gives a fk about it. Putting chat there was the stupidest idea i ever seen yall do the past 7 years i played. So do us a favor, Change it will ya.
  5. @HiggingsMy type of event bro, alrdy opened chests worth 120k coins xd
  6. Wish you the same airin, but 1 sec of it is enough. Let us be miserable the rest of the time
  7. Just want to point out that you are getting this information from a site managed and made by players in the warspear community using their own calculations, which aren`t approved by Aigrind/Warspear Online. To get the right calculations you have to ask Aigrind/Warspear online and they don`t post that stuff very often.
  8. I solo it with my bd, almost did it in 1 stam. Was short of 5 seconds at boss and it became 2 stam. No hp pots.
  9. I would like to suggest an option to change your characters gender male to female, female to male for a amount of Mcoins. Some players like me had same character since we started playing and i feel costumes works better on a female character with hairstyles, costumes etc. It pretty much suck if you tell me i can always make a new character that is the gender i want, becuse i might not want to make a new char if i have items on the current one i worked hard for and cant be obtainable again. So please consider this and hopefully make such option. Thank you.
  10. @Reivenorik are these items also dropping from dg? i seen em in craft meny
  11. @Reivenorik 3 Days? what about castle? they going to have the buffs then too lol? Would say that unfair since you changed it long time ago becuse of that reason
  12. they seem to not care, been mentioned several times before.
  13. I guess you are using an Android device, severall people got banned for no reason yet again. You can still log your acc using another device like Iphone or pc. Not sure about windows phones. It will be back to normal after support looked into it like last time. Thats all i know, i might be wrong about what the fault is.
  14. After 6 years of playing ws you get bored. So this happens or is it just me?!?
  15. Hp to good to pass on, well depends how much it is first. If it is around 10% i chose hp. imagine with arena buff. 7k+ hp bd
  16. i`m using Pene, Crit % dmg, cd, accu and resil as passives at the moment on my bd. My expert skills is 4x, rush, shield, sonic boom and Power of blades. I don`t want em all, but it would help to get atleast 3-4x more expert slots from this update insteed of the 2x. To get the def, resist and hp and hp reg books would be awesome. But i can only add 2 more….
  17. No, its you who need to open your eyes and read my post, i mentioned the 2 slots that will be added. Wont help me or vavavi who got 3-4x passive books+resil book alrdy. I need a total of 14 slots for me to be happy and use the experts and passive i want on my char or should i start delete the expert skills like rush, shield, sonic and power of blades to get slots for these new passive books?!? We could be able to add all experts and passives if we wanted, and still chose what build you exactly wants since you can still only have 10 slots in hotkey bar.
  18. @vavavi @LashabiWe did that years ago it feels, both of us are heavy mcoin users and we got slots maxed at the maximum of 9 slots. Even with this update when they add 2x slots, it wont be enough for all experts+ passive books😪
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