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  1. wish i could enter pvp cave and pvp llike that would be killed instantly and runned over by half of the cave on EU xd
  2. oh yea, u got those too, had forget all about em. i will for sure try get time for it
  3. sad we`re on different servers
  4. My priest on EU. Have both arena reward hood and gloves, but rarely using em atm. Most waiting til this season ends so i can mix the gloves with chest armor
  5. Used 3,4-3,5k signs trying to +9-+10 an arena axe, failed....
  6. It do not show me the required exp i need for each level from 1 to 16. example: lvl 2, 20 exp. lvl 3, 200 exp.....
  7. Could someone please post a board of how much experience is needed for each level in a craft profession up to lvl 16? i tried found one on forum, but couldnt find one who showed more than to lvl 13.
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