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  1. Paladins expert skill "light defence" doesn't work as intended. The skill displays an increase in physical and magic defence by 40% for 60 seconds. My normal physical defence is 4237 but during light defence it is 5711. But a 40% increase would result in 5932 physical defence. Instead I only get (5711/4237=1.347) almost 35% increase. Please fix this.
  2. I mean, when I got naked I finally broke through and went to +9 . coincidence I think not
  3. Hope you guys enjoyed it Subscribe to my youtube if you want more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRZYZp_WxbAwqBf6PpyCMg
  4. первое видео EU-Emerald
  5. Hey guys, Made my first video hope you like it as I mentioned it is my first video ever made so I hope you wont be to hard on me (might not work on all devices)
  6. I made a video of the larger events.
  7. thanks both of you. I am now talking to ur friend abik and he instructed me what to do since he is your friend i trust him And I will get my charge of death herald
  8. how much is it worth in gold? Is it cheaper to craft it rather than to buy it from another player? and finally if there is anybody in elf side eu-emerald who sell it please reply to me here :[ or in-game to my mage Gnoot
  9. oh, thanks guys. didn't notice swamp quest. now i got gatekeeper ty all
  10. i have also done all the chainless quests so I am friendly with them. and the only yellow quest I have at the moment is to find the scarlet portals in the astral labyrinth and enter one of them. but to reach them i have to go all the way to khaaz mar and oko-shaar. who is furthest in the labyrinth. but i also have the dg quest still from first island aswell, do this have to do with any of this? do I need to finish them to get gatekeeper quest?
  11. hello, im new to the the game and I just finished the six shadow quest. (im lvl 19) but I still haven't gotten quests in ayvondil. I got three quests but after I done those all I received was some reputation and then all quests in ayvondil was gone... how do i get the rest of the ayvondil quests?
  12. I was playing on my PC and the event bar by the quests in menu was working perfectly. you could switch between quests and events perfectly. However when I went on my phone, samsung galaxy s4. (downloaded from android app store) I couldn't switch between quests and events. And no event messages popped up in system chat either. Yes, I do have the latest version of the game downloaded on my phone so that is not the problem.
  13. Oh I see... The skins in guild trader is recieving right? So I can't buy them from another player? Man It takes so long to get 4-6k CC thanks anyways.
  14. I saw somebody say in trade chat that they sell 2k cc, But how do you trade it? I can't see it in exchange menu when you are in an exchange with another player? All I see is the 5 slots to trade items, and then the gold option where you type in how much gold you want to trade, but I see no CC Pls help I really want to Buy CC.
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