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  1. Not as it was, but it needs to be changed so it's not utterly worthless.
  2. It doesn't have to do damage just give it silence
  3. So you have to finish previous steps plus kill vald to get the chest or only the last part of the event and be present?
  4. The dynamic event is now suddenly looking alot less appealing
  5. add in 9% or whatever with scroll and how reflexes was before for the 70, now yes you are correct it's about that much
  6. !st test 70% dodge was very possible, probably 75% as didn't have high level dodge cape/amulet or newer rings, 2nd test only had 60% with scroll, so 65 should be attainable.
  7. What is more impressive is that you managed to hit that often with 4.4% accuracy
  8. It is, and more mcoins would be used if unbind varied based on amp level or item level as vast majority of low level items people would unbind aren't worth using that many coins on.
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