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  1. was looking for an ayvondil guide but have not found it.


    i know how to find/get the filth items but not the medallions  what should i be searching for/ killing to get those?

  2. there is this whole area that players ignore.  long time players tell newer players like me that this blue quest is not worth the effort.  and they are right. 

    so you have a area that  goes empty most of the time.  it would be nice if there was a random drop at each constellation altar or something. 


  3. What would the point of this be?


    "Heres 5000 gold, kill that guy who will just revive in a few seconds"

    revenge on the guy or guild that killed me three  or four times .  


    the monsters revive we go after them again and again  what is the point in that.  


    the real purpose is to make a pvp more player vs player rather then player vs random player.  

    so you can go after a specific targeted  friend/enemy

  4. ok im still semi newbie  but still sticking my two cents in.


    bounty hunting could work in two ways   pvp   


    Player #1 gets a contract  and puts enemy (player #2) name in contract 

    player #1 also puts a reward amount in the contract. 

    player #1 cannot acquire another contract for three days. 

    player #1 then gives contract to bounty hunter player #3 or uses it himself. 

    player #3 the bounty hunter would use the contract  item

    on use the contract item would show on a quest map  where player #2 (sort of like the party map)

    the contract item would be active for 24 hours or until player #2 gets killed by the bounty hunter with contract item  


    if player #2 lives   - he was in safe area, he was offline, he was better fighter.  or player #3 never found him.  contract goes dead.  reward money is lost. 


    if player #3 the bounty hunter kills player #2 within the time limit. 

    the contract goes dead. and the bounty hunter gets the reward. 


    OR  player v guild

    instead of a contract against a single player  the contract is put out for any member of a enemy guild.  

    in this case the contract item would not have anything like a location map.

    the bounty hunter would still have 12 hours once contract used to find and kill

    one enemy guildmember.

    if the bounty hunter kills one he gets the reward.

    if he fails the enemy guild gets the reward money.


    in all cases there would be also limit on how many contracts are out on a single person or guild

    at any time. perhaps no more than 3 



  5. as a new player i tend to agree  the game is not fun  if you are not allowed to play   spent my whole game time stepping out of the second map elf city  unable to kill even a panther at the city gate before other player killed me. calling help in world chat had no good result for me. a couple times  i laid there dead in the road  the 4mins  trying to wait him out ,or  see some hero chase him out. instead i  watched the bones of other low levels pile up on the road.  perhaps the suggested Quest shield could be set that it only can be added and removed by one statue or item  found inside only the first city on the map. 



  6. On my first cell phone one fat finger typing Phone adds stupid dots. It also changes word I type to word it likes. Farming I think is ok for killin the creatures there are a lot of. Like the guy farming zombie dog. He goes after same one but there are other

    zombie dog. For people on zombie bear quest

    Only one bear is it good thing for party of 5 people to wait doing nothing for over half hour. So ok no punishment but maybe still counter with special island filled with zombie bear so farmer can farm a

    d questers can get chance at finishing mission.

  7. I am a new player on quest with friends of similar newness and level. Trying for zombie bear it was dead when we found it. We waited for respawn. Just when it did. A high level pops in kills it with a few wacks and vanished. This happened twice before we got first shot he seeing that popped out. I'd like to see a counter on one of a kind beasts. That when a single player. Kills it. More than 6 times in a single hour. They get teleported. To a special. Island. That has fifty beasts stronger than the farmer is ready to eat him If he survive. Give very special

    farmer award . If he dies his level points get reset to start of current level and some of his equipment loses Enhancements

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