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  1. Great idea. So guild objectives and missions would be more interesting
  2. Great idea, so it would be a fairer battle
  3. At first you talked about general nerf, but in the examples you only exposed as MC classes, at no time did you mention the Elves, this is partial, isn't it?!
  4. If you want to decrease skills in the area, start with the mage that has a lot of damage. There is no way to weaken the shaman's healing, as he is already weak, he is only useful for GvG, in towers and daily missions he is replaced by a necromancer, I even think that he should increase the "individual" healing of all healers.
  5. Hello players. I come here to suggest that in the "Inspect the player" tab, also show information such as the name of the guild in which the player is a member. I know it is a simple and useful thing. I invite colleagues to also suggest improvements in this regard. An example in the following image:
  6. I agree with you! It would be of extreme advantage.
  7. But damage vocations are not needing amplification to make goals. Watch the videos that link in the topic, there is a mage with a level 1 staff soloing a spider boss on the map 4.
  8. Hello community, I am going through this topic to reflect on how the Stone of Vampirism damaged all the healer professions (Druid, Father, Necromancer and Shaman). Recently, it is very easy to get a vampirism stone, and almost all damage classes (Hunter, Mage, Ranger, Chief, Blade Dancer, Rogue, Seeker), to which you belong, can complete all objectives (bosses, rook) alone it's faster. This fact discourages healing players because we feel excluded from the group, as our healing and harm are inferior to others. Here are some videos of damage with little amplification in the armor but that can do solo goals Warspear Online - Mage Solando aranha - YouTube KILL SOLO ARANHA SET +0 MAPA 4; WARSPEAR ONLINE - YouTube Warspear Online: BD Solo Mermen Dungeon - YouTube Hunter solo Sea Hard - Warspear Online - YouTube Seeker solando Velho Tinteiro - Warspear Online - YouTube So, I came to ask for a solution to incorporate healing calls into the game's dynamics, such as reducing the healing of the Stone of Vampirism to allow time to be activated. Anyway, my goal is to make the game more attractive for healing.
  9. Parabéns, gostei muito das sugestões. Parei de jogar warspear pelo motivo de que o jogo estaria "sem futuro" minha opinião, é que precisa de uma reformulação.
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