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  1. Maybe admin think after ppl lose item he buy mc again and buy again :bad:
  2. Admin want to be milioner with this game ;D go go go admin :bad:
  3. yes is game not balance.... But money is balance for admin ;D my sugestion for admin ( update mc item only...!!!!! :bad: :wacko:make shit item like sphire :bomb:
  4. Is game so fun first time... Now money money money like shit game :wacko: i lose 2 item and i want my item back :aggressive:
  5. I think, admin make this game not for fun playing but for get realy much money :bad: yeeeaaah u see and sphire is shit item :aggressive:
  6. Shit sphire and pay with real money :facepalm: i lose 2 item :cray: my boot and knife :cray: admin u take very much money :bad: bad update
  7. Gm and admin i lose boot after use sphire lv def :bad: is bug or what...? I need my boot back :cray:
  8. like monster... Stun and blin, instan death...
  9. No some 1 want sale 15k for this item ;D
  10. i see ppl sale 20-30k ;D gud luck
  11. Kid


    suall not breckout.. He sexkill... And sullaa is fake..! Sulla is real... U can see name not some ;D
  12. U want free..? Go hunt :facepalm: is item need long time for get :bad:
  13. what not balance..? Use ur brain for win and mix ur skil... My shaman lv15 clan win vs bd lv18 use stun and atk long range...Note: use brain for win and mix ur skill
  14. druit stun and run In arena :bad: all char some... Dont insult other char... Dont cry bcoz u lose with rogue and use ur brain for win :mega_shok:
  15. Only rogue use light arm... Im think rogue can use mail like barbarian,bd,andranger maybe rogue 1st char in warspear.... Is balance with skil. Need brain for win battle
  16. Lol idiot spamer both come.... :facepalm:
  17. I want join ;D my name princesxx and princexx but rogue :pleasantry:
  18. u mau daftar jdi bini bru jaw ya :lol:
  19. Lol rogue can not win fight with 2elf lv18 and this with 2party,,,!? Super liar :bad: :bad:
  20. ingat bini dirumah :bad: :bad:
  21. Kid


    well ok i join is team to :friends:
  22. oh i remember now... u already say u play elf nick scoot ;D im think in emerald... :bad:
  23. oh i remember now... u already say u play elf nick scoot ;D im think in emerald... :bad:
  24. Kid


    i waiting sulla make DARK team in EU-emerald ;D
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