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  1. Hi guys Merry Christmas . I have Some Questions and is that why lvl 24 dg is so damn hard ? im lvl 23 wlock and i done lvl 28 dg but i cant do 24 ! i Tried with about 12 other pt and diffrent players ,


    its not working ! all pt members will die in First Floor Boss , i just wanna know is a game bugg or have a Trick or something  ? other question is why healer cant attack Third Floor boss


    ( i did with lvl10 Shamn)

  2. Rogues don't need heavy armor lol. I've said for a long time to remove heavy armor from bd's because they are more like damagers anyway. And sentinels now have pala for a tank. And besides that Elf's have the 4% dmg and def buff in their pocket anyway.


    they can't remove heavy armor for bd because almost all bds has Heavy armor ( what happend if they remove it :) ) but i agree its not fair for Mc side bd is To Strong Now , can't beat him . if they keep making bd stronger i think it will be useless to make mc char ( everyone make elf side char and game will be boring ... )

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