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  1. Dear elfs, I Karleusa I want to help them how to be stronger and how to u soon perijodu winning wars spears !!!! Here are some tips that will give you: 1. Select only one character with whom you play and you have to fight. (It is easier and faster progress if you take just one character and you spend your time on it than to have two) 2. doing out regular blue quests (dnevvne kuesc) because so quickly level up and get more money. 3. Do not allow your mobs killed. When you think that you will lose a life, go to the side and fill your life (HELCOM) 4. MOST IMPORTANT! You must help the elves elves who are lower level than yours. Help them to cross the DG. Help them if you have more cash on hand, buy them something, stimulate male elves to advance faster and to go level up. 5. All the elves have to go to war, because if we win we will have extra bonuses that will help everyone to be strong.
  2. If we let him, elves were winning every brother. I remember how many times we were winning for 5 minutes, the legion was helpless. I know that and they make you feel ugly. Now when we lose we have to get on with it. People say one swallow (Hassn) does not make a summer. Also now. The biggest problem with the elves is that no leaders who will teach them how to fight in the war. Elves will not go urate. While 50% of our fight and go to war, 50% of them are and do nothing. This time (100 VARs) elves were too close to win the war, we were almost identical. Elfs vs Mc 1: 2 and it is a great result. Elves MUST GO TO WAR UNTIL ONE THAT I listen to their leaders. must LISTEN TO ATTACK Jackb leaders and leaders to defend Karleusa
  3. The biggest problem is that the elves did not agree and they do not have any leaders will listen. Once we have ended the war for 5 minutes, even less. I remember once the war was over for 3 minutes because the elves won. Then it was our lot and now 50% less. Elves do not hear more leaders and do not go to war as soon as possible. The solution is that we are all united and to come together whenever the war was not that 50% of our going to war and 50% waiting for you to win ...
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