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    GM elf

    Im almost sure the dev,s love elf side. Because, they changed dk skill so fast, and dont fix this bless guild skill, where mage still doing damage In flag while skill bless are active in war. I dont see fairness on dk skill changes. I waited a rework on it. But remove total damage from It on flag , is stuppid. Why not removed some aoes from side elf too?
  2. There is a problem on Android and Windows phone, dont show events.Thats all.
  3. Laerciopk


    I do not understand why on MC side drop bow, but we dont havê class to use it, i suggest to creat a way to rogue use that class weapon,like a second class to rogue use bow and crossbow, that would be awesome, but if u dev dont wanna this,just remove it from drop... because its sad , MC drop crossbow and bow and cant use... See ya.
  4. Sorry for posting, on wrong place, if u can move to sugestions
  5. Hello , i like to sugest to give a upgrade on market. Its like to havê a tab in market, where u can put stuff to buy, like for example. I want buy 5 sign for 10k, i put select sign on a list, put the price i,ll pay dor each or entire price(depende how gonna work the system) and the personagem who wanna sell click on ur offer and sell it, and it gonna be send my mail. Another suggest could be an autoloot, to the pll who wanna farm for long hours, because i havê some lag, or its the game, when i kill a mob, take 3,4 until i get lot. Thank you for reading, first one sugestion ,
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