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    graybeardx reacted to rafa9876 in Patch History for Skills   
    As the game gets updated with more and more skills these patches will get more common and it will be harder to find the latest patch for a certain skill.
    While I would love to have a proper list for every single skill that would be a bit too much work.
    Therefore I just tried to find every single skill change or addition since the update that introduced expert skills and, after looking through the changes, attempted to point out the most notable ones. Keep in mind that this is mostly my opinion making it biased (I play mage on elf side).

    Also somehow I couldn't find the 9th expert skill addition so if someone could point it out for me that would be nice (or if I missed any important skill balance updates)
    And if you think a certain update requires a special comment then you can say so too.
    Thank you

    13th December 2021 - Everything
    (All classes / Major Rebalance, Energy consumption and Reflection changed)
    Notable Skill Changes: Too many
    Link (Snow Event Preview Part 1)

    11th March 2021 - You get some crit dmg and you get some crit dmg
    (All classes / General Skill Changes and Reworks, Aggro Skills Buffed)
    Notable Skill Changes : Charmer Demonic Pact+, Summoner Skill+, Otherworldly Blessing+ Shaman Tribe’s Ritual+, Fire Totem+, Energy Shield+ Druid Secret Link+
    Link (Spring Event Preview)
    18th December 2020 - Special service
    (Chieftain & Templar ONLY / Adding new Experts, changes to existing skills)
    Skill Additions : Templar Power of the Heaven, Particle of Life, Branded by the Sun, Onslaught  Chieftain Bestial Wrath, Frenzy, Support of the Pack, Spiritual Purification
    Link (Snow Event Preview)
    24th September 2020 - DODGE DODGE DODGE
    (Rogue, Mage and Warden ONLY / Changes to accuracy reduction skills)
    Link (New Heroes Release)
    20th August 2020 - Eye see what you did there
    (All classes / General Skill Changes, Bow and Crossbow nerf)
    Notable Skill Changes : Mage Ethereal Barrier+, Overload+, Dragon Eye- 
    Paladin Harad’s Banner-, Inner Force+ Priest Exhausting Burden* 
    Bladedancer Counterattack* Warden Shield Throw+, Fortification-*, Block Master--
    Barbarian Last Wish+
    Link (Skill Rebalance Release)
    23th May 2020 - Finally a Skeleton Army
    (All classes / New Expert Skills (8 Total) and Mermen Gear Skills)
    Link (Mermen Trials Preview)
    16th December 2019 - Warden Nerf III
    (Warden, Priest and Necro)
    Warden Block Master- Priest/Necro Revive skill small changes
    Link (Snow Event Preview)
    12th December 2019 - Warden Nerf II
    (All classes / General Skill Changes, increase of base hitpoints)
    Notable Skill Changes : Warlock Power of relaxation+
    Necromancer Ancient Seal & Bone Shield+(Removed health cost) Warden Block Master--
    Paladin Harad’s Call-, Sacred Shield+ Mage Dragon Eye-
    Link (Skill Rebalance Preview before Snow Event)
    7th September 2018 - Warden Nerf I
    (All classes / New Expert Skills (7 Total, Improved and reworked skills)
    Notable Skill Changes, All main damage skills cooldown +2 for non-dps classes (+1 for bd)
    Warden Block Master- Rogue Extermination Deathknight Secret Reserves
    Link (Hidden Power Preview)
    21th August 2017 - Forti too stronk
    (All old classes skill changes + New experts for Seeker, Warden, Hunter, Charmer)
    29th May 2017 - New heroes (Seeker, Warden, Hunter, Charmer)
    13th September 2016 - New experts (6 Total)
    +20th September 2016 - Skill Changes and Addition of Relics
    30th November 2015 - New experts (5 Total) + Skill changes
    (All classes, AoE skills officially get a limit on player targets + Other changes)
    Link (Part 2)
    30th March 2015 - Skill Changes
    (Certain skills do not require items anymore, All shield skills buffed + Other changes)
    3rd October 2014 - New experts (4 Total), Map 1 Dungeons (Epic)
    26th August 2014 - Skill changes, Tlaskoe Addition, Level cap > 24
    Notable Skill Changes : Paladin Harad’s Banner (damage is split) 
    Warlock Dark Circle (Limited amount of affected players)
    23th July 2014 - New experts (3 total) Nadir Dungeon
    25th June 2014 - New experts (2 Total) Ayvondil Release, Town 1 only, Level cap > 22
    11th March 2014 - Addition of expert skills (1 total)
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Leinra in Crafting System (IGN: Leinra Server: EU-EMERALD)   
    Thanks for the guide! Didn't see a very good crafting guide before so this is very useful. Pretty clear to understand.
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    graybeardx reacted to Leinra in Crafting System (IGN: Leinra Server: EU-EMERALD)   
    Crafting System

          Equipments are important as they help you on your journey in Warspear. You can get equipment items such as weapons and armors by completing certain quests or by raiding bosses and mini-bosses. You can also find them inside the dungeon, but the unique way to have cool and good gear items is to craft them!
          To access the crafting system, go to MENU>CHARACTER>CRAFT

    There are different crafting professions you can do:
    -Melee Weapon
    -Ranged Weapon
    -Cloth Armor
    -Light Armor
    -Heavy Armor
          You have to be a level 10 adventurer first to open a craft job slot. Craft job slot allows you to do a crafting task. At first, you can only have one craft job slot and perform one craft task at a time. You can unlock more craft job slots by meeting the condition needed.

          Crafting in Warspear is unique and it works on every class in the game. By completing a craft job, you will gain experience points on your crafting profession and level it up. You can unlock higher level of equipments to craft as your selected profession's level increases.  But when the level of equipment gets higher, the longer it takes to complete. You can instantly complete the craft task using Miracle Coins according to the time left but it's not worth it and mostly no one is doing it.
    Craft Licenses
          To start crafting, the first thing you need is craft license. Craft license allows you to craft the resources needed or the equipment itself.
          There are four kinds of crafting licenses you can use:

    - the regular craft license. The best one if you are just started crafting. You can buy it on some NPC shops in the game.

    - a craft license that doubles the craft resources you are crafting. It only works on craft resources not on the craft equipment. This license is craftable.

    - use this craft license to gain more craft experience points on your selected craft profession by 50%. If you want to level up your craft profession faster, then it is good to use. It is available on miracle coin shop or you can buy it from other players.

    - a craft license that lessen the time needed to complete your craft task by 30%. Use it when you already maxed out your craft profession or you want to rush your crafted equipment. It is also available on miracle coin shop or you can buy it from other players.
    Craft Resources
         With enough set of craft licenses, you can now start to craft the resources needed. Craft resources are the materials needed to do a crafting task. Every equipment you want to craft requires certain amount of craft resources.

          You may start crafting common craft resources. Common craft resources are used to craft low level equipments(crafted equipment of level10-level14). Upon reaching level 8 of your selected craft profession, you can now able to upgrade those common craft resources into advance craft resources. You need these advance craft resources to craft higher levels of equipment(crafted equipment of level16 and above).
           Also, you can gain some craft resources by disassembling any equipment. Just click the equipment>MENU>DISASSEMBLE. The type of craft resources you will get is according to the type of equipment you'll disassemble.
    Special Craft Resources
         There are crafting materials needed to upgrade your normal crafted equipment or to do a certain craft task. You can obtain these resources by hunting bosses or from dungeon chest. There is also a chance to get them by disassembling an equipment. The type of special resources you will obtain is according to the type of equipment you'll disassemble.
     Common Catalyst
     Amplified Catalyst
     Energy Catalyst
     Ethereal Catalyst
          These crafting materials can be used for Melee and Ranged Weapon craft profession.
     Common Substance
     Composite Substance
     Energy Substance
     Ethereal Substance
          These crafting materials can be used for Cloth, Light, and Heavy Armor craft profession
     Common Essence
     Composite Essence
     Energy Essence
     Ethereal Essence
          These materials can be used for Cloak, Amulet, and Ring craft profession.
          The Energy and Ethereal resources are valuable materials. They are needed to upgrade your normal craft equipments.
    Random Rare Craft Tasks
         There are craft tasks that are randomly appear and they are listed at the very top of every craft profession.

          These craft tasks are special and rare that you can upgrade your equipment into its best form or to craft massive resources. 
          Rare craft tasks have a timer. When the time has expired, another random craft task will appear. Using 49 Miracle Coins, you can select the craft task of your choice so you can start crafting it without waiting when the task will show.
          Some rare craft tasks that appear randomly can allow you to craft "Mass Collection of Common Resources" and "Mass Collection of Advanced Resources". They are available on all craft profession with different required resources.

    Note: You can use Apprentice's Craft License to double the amount of craft resources you gain.
          There are also rare craft tasks that allow you to upgrade your special resources or to make Apprentice's Craft License. They are also available on all craft profession with different required resources.

    Note: You can use the Apprentice's Craft License to double the special resources you gain but it will not work on crafting Apprentice's Craft License itself.
    Upgrading Crafted Equipment
          You can upgrade your crafted equipment for additional stats. On the first upgrade, you just have to gather the amount of resources needed. You need the crafted equipment you want to upgrade and yellow special resources (resources with the word "Energy" on its name) to start. The type of special resources you should use depends on the the type of the equipment (Check the Special Craft Resources section). The amount of resources needed depends on the level of the equipment you want to craft.

          For the second and final upgrade, you need the upgraded equipment and purple special resources (resources with "Ethereal" on its name. The type of special resources you should use depends on the the type of the equipment (Check the Special Craft Resources section). Again, the amount of resources needed depends on the level of the equipment you want to craft.

          The final upgrade craft tasks are rare and only appearing randomly but you can select the special craft task of your choice using 49 Miracle Coins.
         The upgraded crafted equipments are unique and have better stats than regular equipment.
         The final upgrade weapons have more physical/magical power stats than any other equipment on the same level and amplified value.
          The final upgrade armors and shield weapon have more physical defensive stats than any other equipment on same level, type(being cloth, light, or heavy) and amplified value. They also have a unique + 15% HP stats except the shield weapon.
          The final upgrade accessories also have more physical/magical defensive stats than any other equipment on the same level and amplified value. They also have physical/magical power bonus stats. +4% physical power or +5% magical power on cloak, +4% physical power or +6% magical power on amulet, and lastly +3% physical power or +5% magical power on ring.
    Special Craft Tasks During Holiday Events
          There are special rare craft tasks that only available during certain Holiday event. Unique crafted weapons with one doubled stat and attack strength bonuses on Spring Event, unique crafted accessories with percentage physical/magical power and stealth health(life steal) bonuses on Horror Circus Event, and unique crafted armor gears with resistance and pair set bonuses during World Creation Event.
          These crafting tasks are appearing randomly but you can use 49 Miracle Coins to select the tasks of your choice instantly. So get ready and level up your crafting professions and craft these unique gears in Holiday events.
    Tips And Tricks
          Crafters have different approach in their crafting routine. You can be a full-time or part-time depend on your fund but you can start anytime as soon as you reach the requirements needed.
          Here are some tricks and tips of how you can start your crafting journey.
    *Disassemble Lvl10 Craft Equipments.
          Disassembling any lvl10 craft equipment can give you the exact amount of the resources that you have used to craft that equipment.


          As you reach craft profession level 2, you can able to craft lvl10 equipments.
    With this trick, you don't have to craft more resources. You just need craft licenses to craft the weapon right away!
          To disassemble an equipment, select the equipment>MENU>Disassemble. You can use this trick until you reach level 8 or up to level 10 of your crafting profession. This makes your crafting experience points gain bit slower but it is cost efficient.
    *Disassemble Your Non-valuable Equipment.
          If you have any equipment with low value, disassemble it. It's better to disassemble it and gain craft resources than sell it on NPC shop. You might get special craft resources on it.
    *Crafting Massive Collection of Resources.
          A good way to get massive resources is to craft the tasks "Mass Collection of Common Resources" and "Mass Collection of Advanced Resources". And with the help of Apprentice's License, you can double the craft resources reward.

         These two craft tasks are appearing randomly and available to all craft profession with different required resources. So if you got the chance, craft them right away! Just collect lots of required resources needed so you will be ready if they show up on your available craft tasks.
    *Using Rookie's Craft License.

          Rookie's Craft License gives more experience points on your crafting profession by 50%. It is very effective on higher level of equipments that give good experience points when crafted.

    *Craft The Highest Level of Equipments You Can Craft.
          If you have enough funds, it is wise to craft the highest possible equipment you can craft. Higher level of equipment means more craft experience points. With the help of Rookie's Craft License, you can level up your craft profession faster.
    *Unlock Craft Job Slots As Many As You Can.
          A productive crafter needs more craft slots. Unlock them as you can. You need atleast 5 craft slots for more productive crafting experience.
          It is recommended to have 3 craft professions at most. Do not study more than 3 craft professions as they slow your progression. Choose 1 main craft profession and 1 or 2 sub craft professions.
          Warspear's crafting system is still improving and developing new contents. Crafting can cost you lots of golds and time but it's worth it once you max out the level of certain craft profession. You can craft for yourself or earn golds as a crafter by putting a crafting fee when some players want you to craft for them. You can also unlock achievements about crafting. Good luck blacksmith artisans and happy crafting! 
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    graybeardx got a reaction from triggeredAF in Randomly Generated Dungeons   
    In order to make the dungeons more interesting and sometimes more challenging, generating random levels based around the original layout can be very effective. Randomness is found in many games in many different forms. What i noticed was doing the same dungeon over and over again can get old really quick, however with a randomly generated dungeon,  it would be a lot more fun to spam dungeons as each time it will be a little more different than the previous run.
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    graybeardx reacted to Akasha in [Skaterboi] - [Eu-Emerald]   
    It's been hard for me to pick the best,
    Aigrind should promote a poetry contest!
    Good luck! 
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    graybeardx reacted to lallouss in Report hack(or bug)   
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Morgana in New Rogue Skill Suggestion   
    How is the rogue gonna use the skill to remove the stun if he is already stunned and cant use any skill 
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    graybeardx reacted to lallouss in New Rogue Skill Suggestion   
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    graybeardx reacted to Higgings in Cheap coins in china?   
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Higgings in Cheap coins in china?   
    real question here is, is there a vpn to connect from china 🤑🤑
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    graybeardx got a reaction from lallouss in [Skaterboi] - [Eu-Emerald]   
    My poem about the snow event. 🙂 Merry christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

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    graybeardx got a reaction from Morgana in [Skaterboi] - [Eu-Emerald]   
    My poem about the snow event. 🙂 Merry christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

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    graybeardx reacted to Reivenorik in A second Character   
    Remember that some strengths are revealed only after reaching a certain level and getting good equipment, so do not throw your Shaman halfway through.
    Choose only on the basis of your own preferences, all classes are good! 
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    graybeardx reacted to Gladiator in the memes / funnies   
    Though I was super lucky in the last amp session.

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    graybeardx reacted to Omercix in youtube channel   
    Devam abi çok başarılı 
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Omercix in youtube channel   
    i will be doing this again this time ill try to upload something everyweek.
    here are the first ones. 2 of them i had already uploaded and deleted, they are up again. I will be getting some gear soon hopefully, and maybe i can play some songs you lads want too :P
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    graybeardx reacted to Akasha in youtube channel   
    Good! Unfortunately the YouTube channels are too many and still hard to get a good audience due to the competition. Instead, I'd love to create a chain with our best Youtubers someday, perhaps creating the "official channel" or at least the best of them. I will be watching you 
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    graybeardx reacted to wyrm in Addition to crafting system   
    Agreed, a collecting system would be cool.
    I have suggested a collecting system within my Alchemy System suggestion, check it out.
    We already have tons of collectable trash items from quests that are 90% useless that could be used as collectables for crafting.
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Akasha in Vote To Get Counterattack Back   
    İ wanna have what this guy is smoking
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    graybeardx got a reaction from Mercurry in RESPAWN STATUE NEEDED!? (or not?)   
    nadir is a city of chainless league which is not of elves nor mc. So i would say no
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    graybeardx reacted to Ninja in [2016.21.31] Summary of the year in Warspear Online. Were you a part of it?   
    I think they count "enters", not "completed runs"
    If a pt of 5 enters, it counts as +5 "entered"
    And if u die/dc and enter again, u r counted again
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    graybeardx reacted to mailliwdxb in DK Builder for newbie   
    Go for 4/4 reserve satu for PvERely on your own dmg for hurricane
    Half arsing satu at 3/4 keeps too much space between consecutive uses....4/4 reserve is a secret link in itself .
    If you're a 28 that build will do well anywhere... considering the only place you wouldn't be able to tank/would take difficulty is to and that too you have many mobs spawning aka making your 1/4 hurricane a pot in itself
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    graybeardx reacted to Jzargo in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    "pala still could use it"
    -said no MC ever
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    graybeardx reacted to Abraxass in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    What was 1000 days ago?

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    graybeardx reacted to Suprememan in [2016.09.21] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview №2   
    Long long ago before hackers took our forum, I suggested devs make world arena where all servers could battle.  Now devs have given this to us in test server, that is so cool!!! Now I would like to suggest that they do this more often just like Great battle for territory war. This can happen once a week (preferably Sunday) and go on for 2 hours. For the rewards I suggest that server who had the most arena points (AP) won gets for Mon-Sat;
    1.(maybe) dungeon drops % doubled for the week.  
    2. Boss drop % double for the week
    Or 3. Guild points on sever increase by 20%
               Take in consideration this would cause massive spending on arena tickets, player participation and enjoyment with bragging rights 
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