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  1. At 4/4 i get 15 speed its not good. You lose it ehen damaged. İdk remeber how much dodge
  2. can i call my friends to arena aswell?
  3. well i was wondering, against multiple targets attacking me(4-5mobs lets say)is shield better?
  4. dont forget you lose 1bitternes on every damage you take
  5. Classes need serious fixes.. including paladin. I hope they take a look instead of other updates
  6. i already downloaded the 1900kb data twice, i was playing perfectly, now its trying to download again it keeps failing. Please help me, i play on samsung s3
  7. Can someone share some stats? How much does it last on 4/4, and how much % chance to hit
  8. Any melee weapon without magic is not a weapon for pala. Yes they "can" use them, it doesnt mean they use them. They are like bows/cbows in mc. But with a small chance of selling. For cheap
  9. did everything, cant download the update on android.
  10. graybeardx


    but there are so many 3d mobile mmorpg?
  11. hi daria, the first rule on forum; BD IS OP
  12. probably a ladder to change lightbulb. why cant i use fake gps to play pokemon go
  13. coup coup what do you think about recent events around the world?
  14. https://youtu.be/aWDfo2wC00s me trolling around a bit. might be completely sh*t.
  15. you cant just remove axe and gear. What will happen tı thıse who amped and equiped already? Imo axes shouldnt have been given in first place. Elves with axes? What?
  16. *i've come to talk with you again*
  17. less red light corners. I wish i had a pro shaman
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