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  1. nice comic and that ass part was funny :lol: xD
  2. so we will have to spam critical enchantment rune/crystals like we spam signs xD
  3. jonny

    arena shaman

    blind 5 and quake 3 would be great
  4. no need proof.. the truth hurts :lol: xD
  5. bye bro we will miss u :friends: and i hope u will return someday.. :clapping:
  6. The very true Khazh-Maar and a mask named after me xDD
  7. lonequeen,ciamiau and spanish
  8. Any elf that pass here is dead all mobs are summoned xDDDD
  9. Never soon shyleen too xD
  10. Its not photoshop and u know it here is the screen again as u requested xDD
  11. Since many people dying so much on the new island I suggest devs should bring back the old price of the Repair Scrolls ( 9mc ) :pardon:
  12. :facepalm: Wanted to buy that barber set before update / maintenance
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