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  1. after killed dinalt for cl. went to visit citadel
  2. Sell [+6 Smoking Spear] for 40signs or 80k pm me here or in-game
  3. I prefer if my shaman or lock was here ;D 1blind/fear enough xD
  4. I hope i meet with u next time xD
  5. used 1 pot only and was on healing gear = low resi and def and u also have scatter :clapping: u can make that one set mobs atk me and where i only have nightmare
  6. yea go return hunt with ur paladin
  7. Oh u must killed him when he logged out same what u think i did, but u failed and went arena lucky survived with 13hp :facepalm:
  8. damn captives were 3/4 then servers off... xD
  9. a guy gets angry after lost a few arenas against me :facepalm:
  10. jonny

    Your Warlock stats

    thnx i will make dodge set also, i already got x2 bg dark rings but still need to buy enchants... so then - 104hp and + 8% dodge
  11. jonny

    Your Warlock stats

    my lock stats: all my gear is +1 xD and staff is +7 and got 4 arena gloves for every def (sun,moon,dark and physical)
  12. pro lag made towers go away
  13. that old music is back 8) but only on mobile, not yet on pc
  14. login -> 1st teleport -> kotaravva xD
  15. perfect time for slow conn.
  16. sometimes telling the truth is just the best thing to do,but not so easy to do sometimes. which make gab a brave person anddd dont hate him coz he a good person and a great friend :good:
  17. gloves Wanderers black dress Troll pink Panda gift rune gloves 17 lvl
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