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  1. Thnx to Nightngale with her pull lvl 5 ;D
  2. Selling Guiding Thread Vestments pm me in-game or here on forum. SOLD
  3. lol calling us a couple but look whos in ur pt xD and btw nice costume ;D
  4. :( we going to miss u bro
  5. We ran with 3people to Anax from Medusa without using any HP pots xD pro team work
  6. All our long hours in lab runs paid off :good:
  7. ok, see u 2 next time then for lab run
  8. Lab run- 19:30 forum time, if not many people online we will wait 20mins or so for more to login
  9. I also wanted to ask if i could keep my permanent heir rank after we lvl up guild to lvl 2
  10. darkrr got my vote, he is a nice guy and our guild could use some necros xD
  11. LAB RUN- 19:00 forum time
  12. yes from me also to both
  13. we did all labyrinth bosses except Echidna xD after medusa only 8 ppl were left coz others had to go and some ss of our fail at echidna with 8 ppl and the 2nd one is a possible spot to hunt this boss with tanking one red mob ;D
  14. we going labyrinth in about 20-30mins for questing, hope to see most of abc there xD
  15. i enjoyed our little trip xD
  16. met some elfs while running in lab and 2 mins later got pm xD from raged elf
  17. i did one random arena on friday
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