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  1. I would vote yes for u if abc is recruiting more people but idk if we doing, already 40+ members
  2. BUMB. Cmon devs at least reply to this topic...
  3. EPIC STEAL from elfs ;D there was like 15+ elfs at joker. Crossing killed them all with 1 necro and a rogue and we got joker at 110k hp GG
  4. My shaman didn't got x5 gift life scrolls, magicjonny lvl20 shaman Eu emerald, check it devs. thanks
  5. like i said in party chat, i will trust ur judgement sindy as u said they are good players and active.So if there is enough slots i will vote yes for them both
  6. first time I've seen mobs using skills :bomb: , ball lighting
  7. Welcome to ABC, Xloveablex
  8. xbox, anyway barley playing on mine
  9. I call it guild luck xD
  10. Odjur also lost his http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=92532.msg609433;boardseen#new
  11. I think Payal also wanted that costume
  12. This seems better than previous gifts in chest xD
  13. YES from me also, he's friendly guy
  14. so question, if we keep the current Fame Caskets from the previous tournament and use them when the new tournament is over, will we get unique items from it??
  15. Welcome to the guild Rapter and Leo
  16. i will vote for u leo u love gab xD
  17. non personal minion from ravva's kisses :dirol:
  18. You have my vote since i know u for a long time and also a friendly guy, but u also have to talk to other members and get to know each other :good:
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