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  1. sir randomawards not working properly. v alwayes got potion even from high complexity quests. last 21 quesr i just got potions . plz increase drop geting rate. also set caputed shaman away from colums even afrer high heal v got killed by colums. capitives completion quest must b in kotrawa. ty
  2. hi i m zebs i have been there since many months but it seems like i have spent whole life here. as i have many caracters here. elf- ashuu lvl 18 ranger, ashinii lvl16 bd ashinii lvl16 bd (other char),ashini lvl 9 druid mc-ashinifrev lvl20 shaman, zebs lvl 16 barberian. when i first came to warspear i started playing elf, the land was beautiful and interesting quest some can be done by own but bosses needed full party, that helped me impotance of frnds overthere it was impossible to do quest without them. first iseland was quite easy but second iseland reminds me without frnds party we cant even survive daily quest even becouse beside brainless mob and bosses there were other clan called MC (mountain clan) they used to kill me when i were in DQ. here my friends took stand for me. they said u just do daily quests and we hold them back to attack you and we will protect you. now you will ask who are those friends. rising lvl 18 druid . jdfast lvl 18 bd, legend nia lvl118 rager , khaldon lvl 18 ranger . timepassed and we grown to max lvl 18 we started hunting for good drops but still MC attacking continues and i started saying bad word to them but my friends rising told me that they are also attacked by us not you but other elf do. you should not blame them. once a MC zetta came to Elf and told us about the whole situation in reality Elf was more in no. and they offenly attack MC he invited to MC to create character and now i came to know who are real attacking ones. from that day i m playing my MC characters. and ofcourse my all frnds converted to MC and we still in good phase of friendship. here are my some friends. fizza. taara, bigbankers, delhi,zetta,jasmine.pooja,sumitgouel,sink, omnipower,and much more. they all once used to be elf but for each friend v switched mc . thats my story. moral of story; problems may happens between friends but they always remain friends as i got. change of faction may not affect your friend list........ thank you. zebs
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