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  1. My name is Blurryface…

  2. When you are about to sell an item on the market , you can't change the recommended price… (Android )
  3. Why everything is small (chat, skill icons, menu… ) ? Do you intend to leave it or go back as it was before ? Particularly I prefer as it was before ... Mainly skill icons Is realy frustrating to touch the wrong skill all the time (Android)
  4. Consegui! Muito obrigado! Faltava só 2 medalhas pra desbloquear o 'sorriso chunga-changa'.
  5. "Esses itens nem mesmo existem. Apenas pacotes com arquivos dentro" -r0land, sobre os itens 'null'
  6. Não estou conseguindo fazer 'Volta ao mundo'… :/
  7. Alguem pode me dizer como faço a quest 'A new enemy' no Lab. Astral? Obg!
  8. Aceitando doações … :)

  9. I need gold … I accept donations… :)

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