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  1. So I quitted the game about a month ago or so (Blake) and I would like to know if I may get a refund for my previous payments on miracle coins. I can take screenshots if needed. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Omercix said:

    come back to discord atleast


    im on discord. i have other servers to attend and i'm not a fan of the "family friendly" environment innthe server you're talking about, but I do appreciate the offer.

  3. So I was on youtube today and I saw this on my recommended tab. I had to click it, just to find out it's most likely a scam. You can see the screenshots down below. My only hope is that nobody gives his gmail. Did I help? xdScreenshot_2017-12-11-12-48-59.thumb.png.7284ac6363e970227b8c2ca2027944cd.pngScreenshot_2017-12-11-12-49-20.thumb.png.313484bb5ffa91589c2fa8a771a82ca5.png

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