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  1. So I quitted the game about a month ago or so (Blake) and I would like to know if I may get a refund for my previous payments on miracle coins. I can take screenshots if needed.
  2. im on discord. i have other servers to attend and i'm not a fan of the "family friendly" environment innthe server you're talking about, but I do appreciate the offer.
  3. wanna guess who left warspear too? blake. and i posted a video deleting my characters ( who cares tbh ) F
  4. Yessssss! I can't wait for people to say "Hero nadir last slot any pm spam" on world chat
  5. Haha epic moment guys look in worldchat
  6. Hehehehehe. My charmer is noob omercix btw i was suposed to post not u
  7. If aigrind removes vamp rune trickery now we have extra pocket trickery. Watch out guys.
  8. So I was on youtube today and I saw this on my recommended tab. I had to click it, just to find out it's most likely a scam. You can see the screenshots down below. My only hope is that nobody gives his gmail. Did I help? xd
  9. Ever wondered why bladedancers can hamstring you from 91728 miles away? In this video I explain the hitbox, also known as "screen bug" or "position but"
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