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  1. just stopping in to say hello btw if anyone wants to join me im playing rift 8)
  2. jason id love to play it first gotta get my life sorted out lol the only pc i have is a laptop which i doubt will run ff 14 im gonna try to play ff 11 cause its on the xbox which i have :dirol:
  3. im sooooo jealous of u two playing ff14 it looks soo awesome >:D ive been trying to get into dynasty warriors online :yahoo:
  4. its looks awesome i hope yall enjoy playing it :friends:
  5. id love to play it but all i have is a xbox 360 also check the elder scrolls online
  6. if u get a chance jason check out final fantasy 11 the new expansion looks awesome lol also i can play it on my xbox :yahoo:
  7. i think of us should to at least do 5-10 dqs each day to lvl our guild :yahoo:
  8. yea ive seen it but i dont have a pc really looked awesome in gameplay vids
  9. btw is anyone still playing midgard i wasnt able to run it on my phone but on my frnds i can play it lol ive still got like 8 mounts i bought never used :yahoo: hopefully ill get back on it
  10. lol kai idk if anyones still ragnarok ;D huge thx to ryn for the sd hammer :friends: and after talking with him i realised even tho ive playef this game for almost 2 yrs there still soo much i didnt know :drinks:
  11. yay its kai :yahoo: happy birthday jason :friends:
  12. yay someone remembers who i am :lol:
  13. jason im still playing ragnarok while my blood bros decks are in cooldow btw anyone tried age of whushu
  14. yay ryns more noob then me ;D 8)
  15. damn jason im only lvl 13 but im running the blood bros events so i dont have much free time awesome game tho hopeing we can all play together again :yahoo:
  16. hmmmmm im not sure jason i didnt have any probs adding u are u useing caps cause i used all lower case letters
  17. lol honestly im not really sure what build i want but im already lvl 11 ;D
  18. yay someone else is playing :yahoo: jas i added u to my frndlist my char is named bigcdawg :rofl:
  19. lol ryn ive been playing blood bros for almost a yr right now im useing 5 accounts the last event i finished 3756 which i know doesnt seem that good but there more 300k players and i dont spend any money :yahoo: lol i also got joe hooked on it :tease: im really loving ragnarok the only problem im haveing is too small of a bag its really amazing the games u can find when stop playing warspear :drinks:
  20. im playing in the mimir server so far im lvl 5 8)
  21. the movement was a lil bit rough but the game played smooth and looked awesome ::) lol i ofc made a swordsman 8)
  22. ryn im not that noob i dl from the play store :yahoo:
  23. im dl ragnarok hopefully it will let me play lol we all know i need a new phone :rofl:
  24. lol np kai i only log warspear when my blood bros decks are rechargeing :lol:
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