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  1. The reason why I'm not luck both drops from bosses and amp
  2. Yesterday I was doing kronus and after two runs I asked them to give me 10 minutes for to do a call phone... "10 minutes? Too long" "My (unity) pot is on, sorry but I kick you" Only for 10 minutes.. they still don't know what's the real life
  3. Just put them on your "real noobs" list
  4. A very "good" person has heavily insulted me in the game because he lost in Arena... I still don't understand why people take so seriously this game to do this. The only thing I did was to put him on my ignore list
  5. 654 dmg, around 3.4k def and around 1.5 mag def
  6. Yeah, some of them told me that my hero is noob for to do it... According to them, How did I reach Hard Techno then?
  7. People don't want to help me it's unfair!
  8. I'm looking towards to see how is it
  9. Liidert


    Once it happens to me about the gift from devs, during a game update every single gifts that I wisely keeped disappeared from nothing
  10. Try to uninstall and re-install the app in Google Play (if you have Android)
  11. I think Devs should take this topic in consideration trying to give some extra reward like daily quest: Kill "specific boss" 5 times or Kill "specific boss" until 1 minute
  12. If you want to do tower dg, at level 20 you can do Normal, Hard and Heroic Tower. At level 22 only Hard and Heroic tower
  13. Well, personally I think it isn't wanted only if both the party is very good and how much difficult the dungeon is
  14. Gz sis, sometimes i received signs, extra pockets, books of oblivious, stams...
  15. Now it's easy, expecially during big events like halloween because almost all people do dungeons h24
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