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  1. Congratulation to @Peter_Munk and his staff for this event. Finally an event where: - all people (OP and Noobs) have more chance to do dungeons; - three/four mobs don't attack the poor and unlucky hero; - there is a short storyline. However people are complaining about the drops, indeed I've received only two small relics and a plenty of cards, pots and spheres... I can understand that there's a small chance to get a good drop but for normal people like me it's really a disappointment
  2. Sometimes it's boring to do quests everyday, above all when there are hunters/farmers and you have to wait long time for four quests
  3. Indeed in this way nobody won't complain again for the reason because questers can't do their own quests
  4. Nope, only for to complete the quest
  5. @stroopdark1989 @Morgana @Jcbreff @blacknia When I see this kind of situation, well I can only express my disgusting only in this way...
  6. Liidert

    Amp is broken

    Maybe it's better try to amp an equip +7 or +8 at least and if it is a cursed item () try to sell it as soon as possible
  7. Liidert

    Amp is broken

    Cursed item? Nuuuuuu my hero is cursed then: in almost two years only two equips have reached +8
  8. Wooow Anyway I only use one device as always
  9. I prefered solo dungeons instead of guild castles. Guilds know that Magna, Karma, Berserk and Polish are too strong so they won't partecipate to that event
  10. Only PolishTeam guild (Eu Emerald) has partecipated at the castle...
  11. Maybe they don't know how to spend their own time in this game I read a lots of offensive phrases everyday. My advice, as told you @Higgings, is to put them on your ignore list only if it is necessary to do it
  12. Liidert


    Too late for me... I have almost everything in elf side
  13. Liidert


    In this way questers have difficult to complete them. Karma and Magna are farming there 27/24h and 9days/7. If you tell them that they have to kill that boss for quest, most of them neither answer nor let questers do the quest trying to evade it. It's unfair Usually I can't report quests for this... It's unfair!
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