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  1. I think so. For this reason I'm still collecting ccs
  2. Better try to have an equip +8 at least and keep the gold for new equips. In almost 2 years only two of my equips have reached +8
  3. really? However maybe this topic should be moved to an appropriate section, right? @Higgings or @Morgana
  4. On my last run of this horrow event, FINALLY (and I say Finally) I got a drop! Would you like to know what is it? A great relic of Sudden Strength! My Bd has an high percentage of critical hit, and with this I can kill more quicker my enemies than before
  5. Don't worry, he's busy to be more richer that before
  6. It depends on how much luck do you have
  7. Only same people get drops. How can I know it? Simply looking the world chat everyday... However it isn't unfair this and it isn't unfair that the people insult others pretending that a solo druid must heal all the party while are sleeping in the smog instead to move in a safe spot. Those people, who don't know what's the meaning for play a Mmorpg, should sometimes switch off the game and go out for a walk...
  8. I think for a normal hero, +7 equips are good to play the game. My "only dg" druid has almost all equips between +6 and +7. Above it you should have both luck and money to spend
  9. For the 15th times my party got a drop, I don't want to be only a sort of lucky mascotte! It's unfair
  10. I'm still guessing why always same people get weapons and equips and others like me receive plenty of potions, cards amd spheres I'm tired now.... 0 drops!
  11. Why always a member of my party gets a drop and me only spheres? I don't buy stamina seeker anymore...
  12. Please don't make my same mistake, I replaced a relic thinking to add another one in the same skill...
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