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  1. And are you complaining for this? People like me still haven't got a drop after dozens of runs in dungeon
  2. I think the castle owners will can produce something during the next great update (maybe in summer). Indeed they can only active only several bonuses only for their own members currently
  3. @Jcbreff @Dariantes According to me Rage stat is op at this moment after the snow event. A week ago I bought an ice axe to keep my critical stat
  4. @Higgings Have you tried with a druid? 20 minutes full attack and spawner always full auto-regen...
  5. @nabnecro Didn't I do it according to you? I was attacking black mobs and spawner for over 20 minutes
  6. ENOUGH! Spawner is as OP as Jackb/Hassn/Dimvit/Turktim together! My druid (good amp equips) can't kill it neither if I call an army of white mobs or Goku with Kaio-ken if in three seconds it regen always full hp Please, take in consideration to fix it as soon as possible!
  7. According to me Devs should make another plan, like was for the people who used bots to farm item from mobs to sell then to a shop, to let finally questers to do their own quests. Because farmers/hunters still don't understand (and they still don't want to understand) that when a party comes to a specific boss is only for to do their own quest and enough. For this reason, we see situation where players insult each others like this and this it isn't the first time that it happens
  8. I want to report this, @Daria , from EU-Emerald Elf side.
  9. Yesterday I amplified three my equipments from +7 to +8
  10. Support will help you, you only have to wait Ps: @YoungthugX You are playing in Eu Server, right?
  11. @spek_kam_px Next time let the person deposit gold in warehouse first and then give the specific item personally with a trade to the player
  12. Not only... High damage, defence and the luck to be free from stealers too!
  13. Yeah, the heavy boots with parry. For this I bought the helm with that statistic too
  14. As I explained, and other people did it too, in that topic linked up, it's an ingame problem if the guild leader has put it as Explorer/Heir. @Madz101
  15. Two drops in two runs for the first time ever @Higgings
  16. Yes, you have good memory My bd is wearing the light belt dropped from Pteriks currently but if I have to improve my stats I should to change something. Before I tried to have high attack speed but now that I bought the new horror and ice equips I prefer to make some fix
  17. Some people still don't want to understand what's a game. Take it easy
  18. I think so, it's better if I don't low the accuracy anymore. About Parry I can wear again the level 25 three bonus, do you know which one?
  19. @GrimRapper @Jcbreff @Livina Just pray
  20. Yes, I'm thinking to put critical crystals on my amulet and on my cloak trying to reach it above 20%. About Dodge I don't know because sometimes it saves me when I run like a for to do quests
  21. Sometimes it's better to rely on some of them because I don't think an hero with over 1k of damage and very low accuracy can hit easily both monsters and bosses everytime. I prefer to have my bd with low damage but high statistics but I'd like to know your opinions
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