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  1. Is there a bug in Easy Techno? Now during the last stage before the boss, it's impossible to open the path and the minion doesn't revive after the player dead... I don't know if it was a bad luck or a bug
  2. I've forgot that it can be used for to make rings, amulets and cloaks... lol
  3. Well, I want to hope so but people like me have rare essences in their own bag that may worth over 200k gold. I don't want to see them become useless... it would be in that case unfair...
  4. Dariaaaaaaaaaaa! What we will do without you and your serious avatar!?
  5. I think there's something that doesn't go about it... And I'm not the only both here and in the game
  6. I'm talking about mana regen. Mine is 40 but it regens 20
  7. I'm agree about this suggestion too.... We are habit with the previous one
  8. It restores only half every five seconds. For example my mana regen restores me 20 points instead of 40, so in few skills I run out of all my reserve.
  9. I'm seriously confused about this update too... And I still guessing if there will be new cc equipments, new map with new level cap or not... I hope it won't be like the last update (not event)....
  10. Yup till the next invasion!
  11. @Zeusthegod v. 7.4.7 (from google play store)
  12. Right... I think they won't give in...
  13. No problem sis, however people prefer to put them in their ignore list instead to see the world chat full of that link. However try to increase the basic level to post in world chat and maybe they will not spend time to make new heroes knowing to get banned
  14. I got nine drops in two days and two drops in two runs
  15. @Jcbreff @Urscrewed And after so loooooooooooooooong time, today I've conquired Hero Techno!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. New heroes update was introduced last summer, maybe in this next upcoming event (instead of the annual time horror/snow event) there will be a new map and a new level cap... It's only my own opinion, never say never
  17. @Daria Eu Emerald - Elf side
  18. @Daria Emerald Elf side
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