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  1. I have already tried to make one but after a bit they leave... For this reason I don't want to do dungeons because i am tired to beg for a party. According to me, I prefer the previous dungeon because I had the possibility to be joined a party as last damage... Now they are only looking for OP people, how do I know? I read a lots of messages everyday in world chat
  2. ... not for who can't be joined in a party for to do a dungeon because they are only looking for OP people
  3. I've found a bug in the dg and now I can't log in Ps: now i can log in
  4. They should make the dgs easier, that's all
  5. Please, make lvl 28 dungeon a little bit easier than now. It's impossible to go on without an OP party
  6. If I use a relic on a skill, can I substitute it with another one relic like in enchant mode? Thank you in advance
  7. If I haven't another account, is it the same if i click on "Switch Profile" and then relog in?
  8. How can I remove a password from my pc after I have put the check on "Remember Password"?
  9. Can a lvl 28 do heroic berengan dungeon for to try to have the unique relic?
  10. To me says that I can't install it because there is a risk for my PC
  11. According to me Techno dg is only for OP heroes...
  12. I still don't understand how someone can go on through easy dg with around 10 mobs that attack you with high damage...
  13. Why Technopolis is so impossible to go on? lol Is there somebody who has finished the dungeon?
  14. I hope to explain you what's my worries. If I have a good armor (lvl 20) and a pair of good weapons (lvl 23) and amp them to +5 (that's means I spent lots of time and gold for them), should I need to have lvl 25 items for to beat the new boss and mobs and future enemies?
  15. I'm happy about this great update but i've a question: will armors (like kronus set, dark skies set...) and weapons (like devastation set) be useless one day playing islands/lands like this? I know it is a strange question
  16. For a big update, it requires several hours
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