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  1. I can confirm it... They only invite OP heroes...
  2. Happy New Year to everybody! According to me the Crystal Wildness is the only best thing of the Snow event
  3. Reading these posts until now, I think this event is becoming more problematic than the last one. Am I in wrong?
  4. Is there a dungeon for who don't have high amp equips too? In the last event people like me didn't have the possibility for to do dungeons because we weren't enough strong for to be joined in a party
  5. They are unfair people... I see that MULAILAPAR farm there but I haven't knew until now that he uses bot for to earn money...
  6. Like Kimkaa said, in this way buy for example a set of signs for a high prize and have bad luck in amp will only means a waste of time for everyone who spend all the day to farm golds That's only my opinion Ps: Aglaophotis, I don't how much is a set of signs in your server, because in Emerald only few people sell it for high prize nonetheless the discount
  7. It happened to me too, but others thought I died because I'm noob... They still don't understand that this is a game
  8. Do you think your stats aren't enough for to do that level of dungeon? Thinks to those people who can't do a dungeon and try to ask them how do they feel to be denied an invitation
  9. Try to do a level 28 dungeon and tell me if it is easy to find a party Yeah Death, druids and priests sometimes forget to heal the tank thinking about themselves. If sometimes goes wrong, there is always someone who wants to find a poor guilty for to blame...
  10. Try to tell this to them The only things that they look are how much damage and how much defence your hero have... I prefer to do something else instead of beg for a party in front of the dungeon wasting time for nothing
  11. Mobs are too strong at dungeon lvl 28, for this reason only good and OP party can finish it in one stamina
  12. I have already tried to make one but after a bit they leave... For this reason I don't want to do dungeons because i am tired to beg for a party. According to me, I prefer the previous dungeon because I had the possibility to be joined a party as last damage... Now they are only looking for OP people, how do I know? I read a lots of messages everyday in world chat
  13. ... not for who can't be joined in a party for to do a dungeon because they are only looking for OP people
  14. I've found a bug in the dg and now I can't log in Ps: now i can log in
  15. They should make the dgs easier, that's all
  16. Please, make lvl 28 dungeon a little bit easier than now. It's impossible to go on without an OP party
  17. If I use a relic on a skill, can I substitute it with another one relic like in enchant mode? Thank you in advance
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