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  1. Chinese Invasion However seriously it is hard to follow the world chat. I hope devs will make a filter for this too
  2. If there's a chinese invasion in Warspear, it is better take a decision about this... I don't want to put all of them in my ignore list because they are spamming in their language (I've just read a message of @Julie in another topic about this )
  3. Yeah, someone told me that now it was nerfed. I think I'll buy root nonetheless the cooldown, but how many seconds it can block them? About my equips, the day after yesterday I amplificated my cc hood and armor, gt gloves and boots and my ring using one set of signs on each of them. Now they are respectively +5 +6 +6 +5 +5 +5. About my staff my guild leader and his brother gave me one +5 lvl 18 as X-mas present :) I still have to buy a decent belt with hp, a new amulet lvl 20 (It has a lvl 18 with hp, mana and magic dmg currently) and another ring. Then buy the crystals and the runes. Should I amp my equips more or it is already OP for his lvl (20)?
  4. Serious? I hope to reach +8 at least (it needs a plenty of luck). However how is Tornado skill? It has more less cooldown than roots.
  5. Other advice? More I have and better it is... I want to be ready for the next event @Julie @Zurp @Lazylion @Jzargo @Raezer
  6. Maybe my last question. I bought two cooldown crystals for my helm and boots and I think to buy mana regen crystals for my rings and belt. Do I Have to buy a staff with that stat?
  7. I'd like to buy a pair of Skyfire Rings with magic dmg, hp and accuracy. For basic skills, which relics I should buy?
  8. I can reach around 3.5k hp for a lvl 20 druid. Have I to keep my link 3/4 then?
  9. Ok, I'll put hp runes on my amulet and on my rings. Is it better if I'll put also on my belt or I should put Solidity? About basic skill, which relics I have to put on them?
  10. Hi everybody! I need some advice about my druid lvl 20 because I'm using it expecially for to do dungeons (I dont want to lvl up it!). My first expert skill is Link and it has 3/4 (max for that lvl) but I don't know what I might buy as my second skill. Some my friends adviced me the barrier skill but I'd like to know other opinions too. Then, Is vampire stat worthless for druids? Mine has an horror cloak lvl 18 with mana regen. Thank you in advance
  11. I don't like the new system of drops... Now I earn more less gold than before and it is unfair
  12. I bet you have told to them my suggestion so Thank you Akasha!
  13. Thank you Akasha, personally I would see a place where all people can enter in the castle just like an attraction in the events and earn points for to buy some useful stuffs from a specific shop. I'd like to choose the level of the attraction (easy, normal, hard and heroic) for to play all people and not only who has high amp equips.. more is difficult and more point one can earn. That's only a my idea :)
  14. Personally I thought something else for this castle instead of this...
  15. Thank you guys for your advice
  16. It's hard to choose. My BD has full Nature Strength set :D without an horror equip (i'm too poor for to buy them). Well, i should have more hp (2.9k hp is too low) so it's a bit difficult to balance all stat. Maybe my first goal is to try to have as max Attack Speed as possible and have good percentage of accuracy and critical hit. It is pity to see that people want only high damage in party and don't see other statistics too. We should be unique and not similar to others
  17. Well, techno axes r a bit expensive and they don't have accuracy. Without it, it would be hard make damage even for an OP hero. I think to buy full Lord of Borea set, is it worthwhile?
  18. I need your advice guys. I'd like to make a rogue with full attack speed and dodge. A pair of daggers as weapons. I know that would be stupid to do it but I'd like to try. Daggers give low damage but they give more accuracy and critical hit. My rogue has 5/5 merciless and stealth and 3/5 gouge. Thank you in advance
  19. This is the end of Emerald world... Apocalypse!
  20. I'm sorry but personally I don't like this re-style for several reasons....
  21. I joined the mc and I'm playing with it lately! Yes, I'm a BD but now everything is expensive (elf side eu) so I prefered to go where everything is cheap
  22. If devs will make the events even more hard, I think it'll be the end of the game. I prefer the last spring event more than this one. Why do three mobs must attack together a hero hitting so hard? I don't like this new system... and this spring dinamic event too!
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