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  1. What can those people (without guild and without castle) do inside that area? Sadly true!
  2. Without restrictions? Even who are without a guild?
  3. Really? I see some screenshot with strange fonts and my smartsphone can do it
  4. Which app for smartphone do you use for to do screenshots?
  5. If you are in angry with me, I'm sorry because I didn't want to I'm only worried about this and I hope you can understand it. This is the first time that I play in a massive MMORPG after almost a decade since the last. Now thanks to you I can prevent this kind of issue too
  6. Well, a suitcase full of gold I think nobody would accept it but before this topic I think nobody knew about this kind of issue. Maybe you should inform better people how Support works against cheaters and how to prevent. I, and other fair people, don't like to see my heroes get blocked for this reason. When Support usually check if someone receive suitecase full of gold? Even if it was last year for example?
  7. Yeeeaaaaah! Thank you @Daria
  8. Can you explain it better? However why don't developers punish only the cheaters? It's unfair block the accounts of people who always follow the rules like me. Not all people can clarify perfectly in english or in russian, like a native, simply for to have back their heroes. I hope Aigring will take every situation with wisdom before to block accounts. We are counting on you
  9. @Daria, where's the duck smile? I want my duck power
  10. Just ask to trade few amount of gold. Then you can see who you can trust or not
  11. Well, most of people, before to start the dungeon, asked me if I had the skill or not
  12. I didn't really like it personally. I remember that it always failed... That wasn't funny enough
  13. My weak druid (low defence and only 313 magic damage) could heal solo in normal tower Now it is almost OP. Just keep calm, earn gold and make yours strong!
  14. 1- use Free tickets (new free tickets every hour) 2- if it's your first hero, your main goal is level up. More quests you do, more gold you earn 3- why not? 4- Welcome to the fan club
  15. Liidert

    Warden skill build

    Warden is a PvE hero just like the description says in the preview topic. According to me (finally ) doesn't matter if I have high dmg (horror equips are too expensive) but how do I want to make my hero. I prefer to have high both magic and physical defence and high percentage of block stat. It has a good passive expert skill that everytime it blocks an attack it gains hp. Last but not the least there is another interesting expert skill where I can low the defence of my enemies. So I prefer to take in advantage about these. It's a stupid thing don't get an invite in a dungeon only because a hero doesn't have high damage.
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