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  1. 10 seconds if i don't receive 500dmg from attacks? Wow, I thought more less... around 3-4 seconds I think to be able to heal solo in a party now because I'm free to do my role and because I know that a party with full damage can clear more easily a dungeon with one stam. I studied all expert skills and your advice in this topic and now I think to have choosen which of them is really necessary for my druid. Power of Water is a good skill but I should be quick to use it with lightning bolt together and it doesn't make that really damage with 1/4. Roots is a good skill too but it blocks mobs for only a second and in a dungeon a tank can aggro the mobs with rush and paladins and mage can clearly block them. Tornado and invigorating stream are useless. Forest song with 1/4 don't give me the security to fall sleep mobs (I have 1/4 rush). What do you think?
  2. Healing barrier' cooldown is 60sec. With 18.1% cd is 50.3 and with 38.1% cd 43sec. With my druid (lvl 20) I'm trying to reach pelion for to do quests like minis, kill mobs and take item quests. If I'm going to kill a mini in t3 of ayvo, should I buy that expert skill? With 1/4 how many seconds it will stay active for? 4/4 yes
  3. If I keep the cooldown relic on healing dew, is it ok?
  4. With 38.1% the lightning bolt cooldown doesn't give the same result of the formula. Can you try please?
  5. @Morgana @Pecleb @Zurp @Jzargo and other expert people Following this topic, I need your advice again My druid's energy is 229, energy regeneration is 45, hp 3.9k and cooldown 18.1%. During normal and hard tower dungeons my energy points has never reached the half of the bar and I'm thinking to replace the energy regen crystal of my ring to a cooldown one. In this case my regen would be 35 and cooldown 22% (with relic 42%). What do you think? Thank you in advance.
  6. I don't think so. As the second previews says, with Guild Castle you can make unique equips and I don't think they are talking about the fusion of two or more equips
  7. It's just like a sort of Troy's horse When enemies are tired to attack the wardens and lost their hope, other heroes can attack the flag easily
  8. We have a lots of friendly chinese who speak with everybody in world chat... even if we don't understand what are they talking about!
  9. First of all, welcome to the jungle! You have only to know that EU-Emerald is the best place (according to me) and enough!
  10. Liidert


    LOL! For mistake i replaced that relic with Cooldown... I've spent too much gold on relics so maybe i should keep it. My druid's hp is 3.9k and Cd ( relic active) 38%. In Hard Tower they asked me (heal solo) to heal and make as much damage as possible for to clear it with one stam. I hope to console myself with this change of strategy
  11. Liidert


    Which? Cooldown relic is a difensive type, there is no offensive relic for healing dew
  12. Liidert


    I haven't read it I replaced the health point relic to cooldown one. What do you think?
  13. Liidert


    @Daria, I have a problem with relic system. I used a rare relic for to fill the third and last slot of the druid's healer dew skill but it has been substituted with my other rare relic. Why?
  14. We don't only count on wardens... This is the power of all Elves
  15. It happened to me too They don't let questers to complete their quests....
  16. Liidert


    It works if also your healer doesn't have full hp. I know, it's hard too see it and you should try to use your relic on your friends
  17. Make a new hero Use your mcoins for something else of good
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