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  1. tbh, i dont get what you mean about breakinh my heart baby. Could you explain specifically?
  2. Hmm is it me or you also thinks that every 10% of character made everyday there is a chance of making a super lucky char XD Like your barb. OMFG. Youre Druidisop :3 I see you sometimes in game. Thanks btw :>
  3. I accidentally clicked the drop button instead of Use. I actually lost the honed hatchet ;_;
  4. You knw your wish but there's no way to tell everyone that you want to meet JB in person.
  5. Hello from the other side. c: Welcome to the community.
  6. Ever heard the name DruidIzOp? She's one of the best druid in US Sapphire. :>
  7. I havent noticed it actually. I thought blue was a male char. lel I asked some of pro players(+9 +10) about their secrets, some say it was all luck and others gave me a tip, but i think its not really how i expected to work out. lol
  8. are you part of the dev team or u just trolling us?
  9. Y u no nominate DruidIzOp? Srsly she's ONE of the best druid in Sapphire. Tsk! I nominate druidizop! I hope she'll be added on the poll. Thanks.
  10. Yay. I hope it will not happen this year, it sux when u just a lvl21 gears then a lvl23 gears come out. New expansion , max level increase , new gears and new maps. That'll be a hard work for devs.
  11. Noted. At first i thought bluebird and redbird were couple lel. I have a question but this is kinda be really off way to the topic but since I kinda need help about amping is their a secret/tips doin amp upto +10? If its okay you can pm me it to me. :shy:
  12. Noted. I thought redbird and bluebird have different owners And where can I find the signature settings? I wanted to post but i cant find it :3
  13. Oh great! We're on the same guild by the way. I'm Druidizop, can you help me do arena pt win? I'm looking for some people to do with it. Cool, I'll keep that in mind btw im from Marianas Web.
  14. Only newbs will fall to these tricks.:3 It's a phishing site that can steal your passwords, username, email , etc.
  15. Well said. I hope they'll fix that. I hope they wont update on increasing the max level tho'.
  16. Those replies are damn hilarious tho'. Im still reading the reviews there. It makes my day. Anyways, it happened this yesterday when we are doin boss battle in dg 14 and there's a guy tanking the boss and suddenly his hp go down like 200+ instead of waiting to be healed he just run away and let the boss evade .
  17. Still waiting to release a new version of Pokemon XD I really love that game until today. And also, League of Legends
  18. 80-90 quest? How? I can only stack like 20-30 quests tho.
  19. So without doin dg spam its nearly impossible to reach 10k gp in a week? Or there are still some quest that will give you a lot of GP?
  20. I just wanna know if this season will the devs update on Arena Gears? Like lv.23 weapons and gears? Can someone spoil some answers here? Thanks
  21. US-Sapphire, how about you? Thank you so much guys
  22. Is it too late to say Happy New Year. * read with JB's voice * Happy New Year guys & Advance Merry Christmas
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